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 company name   = 3i|
 company type   = Public company (trading lse 3III nyse 3III) |
 company slogan = "Inspiration,Ingenuity, Innovation" |
 foundation     = 1936, by merger of General Pharmaceuticals and Strane Family Holdings |
 key people     = Mr Gary Strane, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
Vacant, Chief Financial Officer
Vacant, Chairman of Research and Development
industry = Pharmaceutical industry, Mining, Energy, Financial, Technology, Banking. revenue = profit £23.2 billion (2006) | net income = profit £7.8 billion (2006) | healthcare products = Central nervous system, Respiration (physiology), antiviral, antibiotic,
oncology and emesis, metabolic, cardiovascular, urogenital, over-the-counter medicines, vaccines;
recent research into haematological synthetics

3i Incorporated is a Transnational pharmaceutical, biological, and healthcare company, with subsidiary interests in the Financial, Natural Resources, Technological and Energy sectors. 3i healthcare concern is a research-based company with a highly diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products covering central nervous system (CNS), respiratory, life-prolonging, anti-infective, gastro-intestinal/metabolic, oncology, and vaccines products.

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