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^Thats go for Lupinbell as well.
^Thats go for Lupinbell as well.
:Take your shrubbery and GTFO. --[[User:EVA-251|EVA-251]] 13:11, 10 November 2007 (MST)
:Take your shrubbery and GTFO. --[[User:EVA-251|EVA-251]] 13:11, 10 November 2007 (MST)
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Okay guys, STFU, srsly.
Okay guys, STFU, srsly.

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The Great /b/ Holy WarEdit

  • /b/ alliance is a smite to twilight and must be stopped
  • Either way /b/ has come here to inevitably screw with us and this game. I, hiei, from Death Squad, have decided that they are to be stopped which is why I declared a holy war upon them. They do not deserve any mercy and those who side with them must be stopped aswell.
  • I call upon every group in the game willing to fight them to band together against them! How dare they mock us and say we are incapable of stopping them! They are wrong if we stop killing each other and unite into a massive army, then they can do nothing to us! They must be cast away from Twilight!

  • Here is where you may sign up your group!
  • Death Squad
  • Influential House of Paincakes --
  • Not a group but for once i'm going to Agree with Death Squad- Nigel Firre
  • Knights of cydonia
  • Board 8 (We don't actually matter. GameFAQs'D!)
  • /b/
  • Knights Who Say Ni!

An Important Message from Dorothy Szbornak, District Manager, IHOP: I have removed ALL you a-holes from IHOP's kill list for the time being so that we can concentrate on eliminating the shills and other general jagoffs of the /b/. (And hey, after we're done with all this, feel free to stop by any of our metro area locations for a free cup of coffee and a bullet in the face. Just tell 'em Dorothy sent ya!)

They plan to raid this page. They plan to raid CiB. They'll raid whoever they can. It will stop, we will kill them, until eventually they lose interest and move onto another victim on the internet. But until that time comes, they'll be meeting my sledgehammer in their faces. -The Werewolf.

  • We could even have a forum where all the groups can congregate and plan. I will make our forum for us soon. I will be grateful if you find any spelling mistakes or any other errors on this page!

/b/ dies!

  • we will march on their corpses!

  • Just so you know, we of /b/ are not here to make your gaming crap. We're from a different thread to those who would troll you, and wreck your game. We're here because zombies interest us, and post apocalyptic RPGs are interesting.

But.. attack us all you want. We will crush you.

  • What he said, we are /x/ - Paranormal and /zom/ - Zombie. I originally found this game in /zom/, and now I'm playing it. We simply go with /b/ becuase most people know what /b/ is. But if you want a holy war you got a holy war. Just remember fort howard is ours.
  • It is true, for once we are not here to ruin the game, we are here because the game is fun. But keep in mind, anonymous is legion, anonymous never forgets, and anonymous certainly does not forgive.
      • Just remember tom boy, that you can't log onto all of your accounts at once
  • anonymous is a bunch of idiots. If they were here to enjoy the game, rather than make a mockery of it, they would've left the /b/ mindset back at the site they came from, which everybody knows ISN'T ebaums.
  • Sure we are. You may be surprised to find that we are not making a mockery of the game, and that many of us ARE playing it. I have seen very few acts by our group that have been made in attempt of ruining or lessening the enjoyability of the game.
    • Other then those of your so called leader?
    • thier so called leader is just a tk like every other tk in the game.....
  • /b/ leaves Aurion Alone, Aurion leaves /b/ alone. That's been my outlook all the time. /b/ attacks Aurion or an ally...and Aurion crushes /b/. Simple.

^Thats go for Lupinbell as well.

Take your shrubbery and GTFO. --EVA-251 13:11, 10 November 2007 (MST)

Okay guys, STFU, srsly.

Former anon here. Anonymous sometimes comes to a game because they want to have fun. And by fun, I don't mean "Get in the raid tank! We're chargin' our lazers!" I mean, good, honest, clean, gaming.

Anonymous can be described as Chaotic Neutral. Anonymous just wants to have fun, and entertain itself. So what if they bring their memes with them? That's all the better for them, and not even a nuisance to you.

So I kindly /r/ that you STFU or GTFO. There's no point to this war, and trying to destroy /b/ is like trying to drown a fish. It can't be done, and you look like a retard for trying it. --Ace Sorou{PET} Talk

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