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We're baaack! Edit

Just when CiB thought it was safe to wander the streets of Twilight City, the CiB Hunting Party returns to make them run away with thier tails between their legs.

When Does it Start? Edit

This Thursday(Aug 30th)

How's it work? Edit

Certain CiB members will be worth more than others. I arranged thier worth by how easy their killed and by how well-known they are in-game. In other hunts, a point deduction was given when killed by a CiB member. This will not be included in the hunt. I will post the official score list here before the hunt begins.

Who's Participating? Edit

You can sign up either here or on overlord forums. There is no deadline to sign up by.

Currently Participating:

  • Ir0nMikeTyson
  • Dysplasia
  • Fulsamee
  • anonymous
  • EVA-251
  • BLSR1
  • Jonny Cerebros
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