Barricades are the last defense of a humanity under siege by the forces of darkness. Barricading will stop Vampires and Zombies from entering a particular building. However, do take note that if a building is barricaded beyond Barricaded, other Humans will need to take 10 AP to enter. If a building is barricaded beyond Heavily Barricaded, other Humans will need to take 5 AP to leave.

Only Humans can build barricade, destroy barricade efficiently, climb in and out of barricaded buildings. Climbing in and Climbing out do not need doors to be opened.

Construction of BarricadesEdit

The construction of barricades can only be accomplished by humans.

A chance of successfully constructing barricade on usable (ruin's level 0) is 80% (no light).

When players successfully construct a level 10 barricade, there will be a message "You look around and find something to help barricade. It looks as if the barricade is almost too strong to easily let in other human beings". telling that the next upgrade will make barricade become heavily barricade.

Message Levels of barricade
No barricade 0
Lightly barricade 1-5
Barricade 6-10
Heavily barricade 11-15
Extremely heavily barricade 16-20

Sense Presence can be used on barricades from level 0 to 14.

Demolishing Barricades/ Fences/ Televisions/ GeneratorsEdit

Whereas only humans can put up barricades, all of residents can tear them down whether with tools or by tooth and claw. However, Humans can buy the Demolition skill, which greatly aids in the taking down of barricades.

NPCs can randomly destroy barricades.

Successful chances are not affected by darkness penalty or players' HP.

Tables below show numbers when proficiency skills are at maximum.

Weapon Percentage of Success (Demolition skill)
Assault Rifle X (56%)
Barbed Wire X (28%)
Bat X (27%)
Bar of Gold X (24%)
Boxcutter X (16%)
Brass Knuckles X (40%)
Burning Fireaxe X (32%)
Chainsaw X (170%)
Chunk of Driftwood X (12%)
Crowbar X (30%)
Crutch X (8%)
Dart X (20%)
Dinosaur Fossil X (24%)
Flashbang X (24%)
Fire Extinguisher X (0%)
Fireaxe X (40%)
Fists X (28%)
Freezebang X (65%)
Grenade X (113%)
Hammer X (16%)
Headacher X (101%)
Length of Pipe X (16%)
Length of Chain X (24%)
Mjolnir X (56%)
Molotov Cocktail X (60%)
Nailgun X (24%)
Night Stick X (44%)
Package X (20%)
Pair of Pliers X (24%)
Pistol X (44%)
Pool Cue X (13%)
Power drill X (20%)
Saw X (12%)
Sawed Off Shotgun X (81%)
Scalpel X (12%)
Shillelagh X (52%)
Skull X (20%)
Shotgun X (121%)
Shovel X (24%)
Sledgehammer X (50%)
Switchblade X (20%)
Thigh Bone X (20%)
Tire X (28%)
Wooden Board X (24%)
Wrench X (24%)
Weapon Percentage of Success
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +0) 39%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +2) 52%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +3) 58%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +4) 65%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +5) 71%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +6) 78%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +7) 84%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +8) 91%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +9) 97%
Claw / Fangs (Bloodthirst +10) 104%
Shillelagh 42%
Sledgehammer 40%
Mjolnir 45%
Grenade 91%
Weapon Percentage of Success
Hands 26%
Teeth 32%, 45% (Hunger Pain)
  • Melee weapons can only be used by Zombies with the Solid Grip skill.
  • Blunt weapons', blade weapons' and throwing weapons' success rates of vampires and zombies are the same as Human's success rates without Demolition skill.
  • 1.25 * chance of vam/zom = chance of human with demo
  • chance of vam/zom = chance of human with demo * 0.8
  • No skill, successful chance to destroy barricade beings = average damage *6.5 %
    • Only exceptions are Shotgun and Chainsaw which have 9.7 instead of 6.5.


  • Players can set up fences to temporarily stop players from moving to different tiles. It costs 4 AP to erect one fence. They can be damaged and destroyed similarly to barricades.
  • There are different types of fences that provide different amounts of protection. Some fences may be weak; others may be tough to destroy. Some fences can damage players when they attack it.
  • NPCs can randomly destroy fences.

A fence erected north of the electronics store.

Fence "Hit" Points Damage to player Main sources Notes
Picket Fence 2 0 Camp Cabin (Outside)
Chain Fence 5 0 Junkyard (Outside), Parking Lot
Wooden Fence 10 0 Junkyard (Outside)
Barbed Wire Fence 5 2-4 Junkyard (Outside)
Electric Fence 5 6-10 Crafting: 6 AP, a Car Battery, a Chain Link Fence, Craftsmanship (Human's skill) Car Battery's stack is 1
Concrete Wall ? ? Crafting: 4 Pack of cements (???) Cement is nowhere to be found

Decimate (zombie's skill), Raze (vampire's skill) and Repairing Edit

Bloaters can destroy inner building increasing level of ruin impacting item search rate.

Decimate Edit

Decimating takes 2 APs. Chance to success at decimating might depend on which building is decimated.

Type Success rate
Hospital 75%
Lazarix Building 66%

If a player successfully damages the building, ruin level will go up by one.

Message Levels of ruin Chance to find items (Most buildings with scavenging skill)
Usable 0 - 4 70%
Poor repair 5-9
Very poor repair 10-14
Wrecked 15-19 33%
Severely wrecked 20-24
Total disaster 25-30
  • Rooftop run allows players to move into buildings which have ruin's level 10 or less.
  • Darkness penalty on search rate is approximately -10%.
  • Search rate is different for each building.
  • Some usable buildings such as Toy Stores,Music Shop, Magic shop, Jewelry, etc. have very low search rates (20%-30%). With the help of scavenging skill, they will be increase to 50% in most cases.
  • Scavenging skill affects search rate for each building differently. Normal search rate buildings without scavenging skill have search rate more or less than 70% so scavenging skill will not be a great help for normal buildings.

Raze Edit

Raze is activated upon every kinds of successful attacks with 30% chance increasing level of ruin by 2.

Repairing Edit

Repairing takes 1 AP. Chance of successful repair is 80% in general (no light).

Fire Edit

Level Message (Inside) Message (Outside) HP may be decreased for actions or game ticks Fire Symbol on building(🔥) Search/Hiding May damage inner building May damage barricade
0 No message No message 0 No Yes 0 0
1 - 10 Small Fire Smoke is trickling out of the building! 1-2 (Rare) No Yes 0 -2
11-20 Fire Smoke is seeping out of the building! 2-3 (Not often) Yes Search: Yes

Hide: No

0 -5
21-30 Large Fire Smoke is spilling out of the building! 2-3 (Below average) Yes No -1 ?
31-40 Raging Fire Smoke is pouring out of the building! 2-4 (Above average) Yes No -1 ?
41-50 Inferno Smoke is billowing out of the building! 4-5 (High) Yes No -1 ?
51-60 The entire building is on fire! The entire building is on fire! 4-5 (Very High) Yes No -1 ?
  • Every 5 minutes tick in game (1:00, 1:05, 1:10, ...), fire's level is decreased by one.
  • When a Mantis Helicopter is destroyed, fire's level is increased by 7.
  • When a Pyro dies, fire's level is increased by 7.
  • Fire Extinguisher can be consumed by using Fire Fight command (2 ap) to stop fire.
  • Burning buildings can be seen if players are at outside of burning buildings.
  • Giving items or exiting building does not decrease HP.
  • Setting up generator uses 5 APs. Setting up Television uses 5 APs. Filling Each Gas Cans use 1 AP. Burning each gas can uses 1 AP.
  • You can still set up generators or televisions while building is on fire. Only humans can set up generators and televisions and only humans can operate them.
  • Damages from fire apply after actions. Damages from fire are calculated before actions.
  • If players hide before buildings are on fire, hiding players will still be in hiding mode even if entire buildings are on fire.

Fire tools Edit

Item Fire's level Note (Generator OFF/Generator ON) Damage to players Sound
Lighter +2 0 None
Gas Can +10 0 None
*Generator (0/4) +0 It is Empty. 0 None
*Generator (1/4) +9 Barely any fuel / It is running low on fuel. 5 Explosion echo (5x5)
*Generator (2/4) +19 Half tank / It is running on half a tank. 10? Explosion echo (5x5)
*Generator (3/4) +28 Nearly full tank / It is running on a nearly full tank. 15? Explosion echo (5x5)
*Generator (4/4) +40 Full tank / It is running on Full tank. 19+ Explosion echo (5x5)
Fire Extinguisher -10 0 None
*Television +9 0 None
  • *Breakers must be on.
  • If players use gas cans on fire's level 59 or 60, players will fail trying to burn gas can and there will be a message that "The fire is already raging out of control!".
  • Generators can endure 4 hits. Television can endure 1 hit.
  • Lighters can be used only to start fire.
  • Gas cans can not be used to start fire.
  • If you drop items outside of burning buildings, it always counts as burning items even though fire is small.
  • Only humans can use Fire Extinguisher.
  • Humans do not receive damage from exploded generators.
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