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Neighborhood of Capricorn Village
Known groups in this Neighborhood:
Grenadeicon/b/ alliance
Eyeicon Cleansed in Blood {CiB}
GrenadeiconTwilight City Police Dept.
Buildings of interest in Capricorn Village:
Fort: N/A
Mall: N/A
Hospitals:St. Patrick (36,25)
Glory Pointe (37,23)
PDs:North Square PD (34,21)
Gun Shops:Duane D's (32,29)
FDs:Bulleywood FD (39,28)
Others:Twilight Stadium(36,26),(37,26),(38,26),(36,27),(37,27),(38,27),(36,28),(37,28),(38,28)
Dubois Supermarket (35,22),(36,22)

Bunion's Supermarket (32,30),(33,30)

Revive Points in Capricorn Village:
Human Update

Penny Lane (37,30)

Vampire Update

Silent Hills Cemetary (33,23),(34,23)

Zombie Update

Capricorn Village InformationEdit

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A predominantly Black neighborhood, Capricorn Village was the front of a fierce conflict over gentrification. During periods of heavy segregation, the community pushed to build some degree of economic power and sustainability, most notably the W.E.B. Dubois Supermarket. A community of Muslims, including a number of African immigrants, helped empower the community. The municipal government, however, had long wanted a stadium, and through back-room dealing Capricorn Village was picked. There were no public hearings or community voice, but after the announcement of the Twilight Stadium location and an increase in evictions of tenants, a small riot ensued. The people had had enough. Unfortunately, the riot caused destruction so near to the site of the planned stadium, it actually assisted in the demolitions. The after effects were diverse, because while the stadium and the area around it were built and controlled by businesses from outside of the area, the community retained rights to zoning for much of the northern part of the neighborhood, and a hospital and park were built. Resentment continued, and in due time Black radical organizing supported the rise of area gun shops. Police brutality and infiltration soon crippled these groups, and without political action, some youth turned to gangs.

The area around the stadium was heavily policed, and a number of bars and sports stores further gentrified the terrain. On Capricorn Village's southern end, two competing dive bars offered merriment to two very different crowds. The Black Cat restaurant was an early spot popular with anarchists and radical unionists, while the Yellow Toad Bar became a place frequented by police, informants, sports reporters and yellow journalists. The leftists of the Black Cat were suspected in some of the more notable sports-related brawls that the Trilobites had seen.

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March 2008Edit

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