Cities are map worlds in which players can play. They act as servers, and each feature different and unique locations. There are four cities in Hell Rising; only one city, Serling, is currently open to the public. The other three cities were closed following the game's temporary closure.

List of citiesEdit


The newest city and currently the only playable. Like Twilight City, it is large and contains sewer systems. Serling also have dungeon-esque areas that players can enter through certain buildings.

Twilight CityEdit

The original city of Hell Rising and the largest, with sixteen neighborhoods. It contains a large variety of buildings and locations, including multiple forts, a stadium, and a ship. It also contains sewer systems which players could go into.


A significantly smaller map, Gravesend is a more rustic and agrarian city. It contains four neighborhoods and is mostly comprised of fields and cornfields.


A unique map that features slower AP regeneration. It is very similar to Gravesend in terms of size and style, but Denton also includes large-scale structures like malls and forts.

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