Cities are map worlds in which players can play. They act as servers, and each feature different and unique locations. There are four cities in Hell Rising; only one city, Serling, is currently open to the public. The other three cities were closed following the game's temporary closure.

List of cities[edit | edit source]

Serling[edit | edit source]

The newest city and currently the only playable. Like Twilight City, it is large and contains sewer systems. Serling also have dungeon-esque areas that players can enter through certain buildings.

Twilight City[edit | edit source]

The original city of Hell Rising and the largest, with sixteen neighborhoods. It contains a large variety of buildings and locations, including multiple forts, a stadium, and a ship. It also contains sewer systems which players could go into.

Gravesend[edit | edit source]

A significantly smaller map, Gravesend is a more rustic and agrarian city. It contains four neighborhoods and is mostly comprised of fields and cornfields.

Denton[edit | edit source]

A unique map that features slower AP regeneration. It is very similar to Gravesend in terms of size and style, but Denton also includes large-scale structures like malls and forts.

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