This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
Blue Street Intersection (11,1) a Bus Station Building (12,1) Basil's Restaurant Building (13,1) a Wasteland Waste (14,1) a Junkyard Junk (15,1) Currey Museum Building (16,1) Spaghetti Street Intersection (17,1) a Wasteland Waste (18,1) Shelly Marsh Fire Department Building (19,1) a Parking Lot Parking (20,1)
a Gas Station Gas (11,2) Bailey Road Intersection (12,2) a Church Building (13,2) Creskey Beach Wear Building (14,2) Wiseman's Hardware Building (15,2) Four Falls Bar Building (16,2) Justense Cemetery Cemetery (17,2) The Pilly Building Big (18,2) Dancer Street Intersection (19,2) Chester's Auto Shop Garage (20,2)
a Wasteland Waste (11,3) Timm's Auto Shop Garage (12,3) a Parking Lot Parking (13,3) Nassey Street Intersection (14,3) New Quill Fire Department Building (15,3) Gossner Street Intersection (16,3) Marble Grove Bank Building (17,3) George's Sporting Goods Building (18,3) a Lazarix Building Building (19,3) Bottle Street Intersection (20,3)
Arch Boulevard Intersection (11,4) Balley Police Department Building (12,4) a Factory Building (13,4) Carden Bank Building (14,4) Broder Hotel Big (15,4) a Warehouse Building (16,4) Grenadeicon WWAR TV Building Building (17,4) Syringeicon a Parking Lot Parking (18,4) a Work Site Work (19,4) Jagger Lane Intersection (20,4)
a Junkyard Junk (11,5) a Work Site Work (12,5) Castle Park Park (13,5) The Bamboo Building Big (14,5) Marie's Deli Building (15,5) Circuit Center Electronics Building (16,5) Scotch Street Intersection (17,5) Tanner Police Department Building (18,5) Hambo's Restaurant Building (19,5) The Sugarcane Club Building (20,5)
Ulysses Library Building (11,6) Nullen Bar Building (12,6) a Gas Station Gas (13,6) Pinch Road Intersection (14,6) a Parking Lot Parking (15,6) Braiker Fire Department Building (16,6) Lather Museum Building (17,6) Monkey Boulevard Intersection (18,6) a Gas Station Gas (19,6) The Pierce Building Big (20,6)
Lilly Park Park (11,7) The Hawken Building Big (12,7) a Wasteland Waste (13,7) Preston Avenue Intersection (14,7) Lemke's Jewelry Building (15,7) Kitten Club Building (16,7) Letter Lane Intersection (17,7) The Brilly Building Big (18,7) Gaunter Cemetery Cemetery (19,7) Telly's Hardware Building (20,7)
St. Ralph Hospital Big (11,8) Mantles Police Department Building (12,8) Simon Street Intersection (13,8) Ruely's Sporting Goods Building (14,8) St. Chester Hospital Big (15,8) Sue's Restaurant Building (16,8) Bay Winds Hotel Big (17,8) Newkirk Avenue Intersection (18,8) Dagson Elementary School School1 (19,8) Dagson Elementary School School2 (20,8)
Toad Lane Intersection (11,9) a Work Site Work (12,9) a Gas Station Gas (13,9) a Junkyard Junk (14,9) Deep Street Intersection (15,9) Pepper Hill Cemetery Cemetery (16,9) Orange Brick Lane Intersection (17,9) Gargoyle's Bar Building (18,9) Beaney Library Building (19,9) Mealy Park Park (20,9)
The Minchey Building Big (11,10) Heel Spur Boulevard Intersection (12,10) a Factory Building (13,10) Douger Bank Building (14,10) Sandalwood Bar Building (15,10) North Dawn Street Intersection (16,10) The Capps Building Big (17,10) a Lazarix Building Building (18,10) a Wasteland Waste (19,10) Harper Boulevard Intersection (20,10)

Map Icon Key:

  • Revive/Devive Points:

Syringeicon - Human revive point. People will help you become human here.

Burgericon - Zombie devive point. People will help you become a zombie here.

Bloodicon - Vampire contamination point. People will help you become a vampire here.

Note: It is commonly frowned upon for players to kill others at a revive point without doing the proper revive or change to that person. This is not against the rules of the game, however. It is simply considered poor form.
  • Group Locations:

Grenadeicon - Human group headquarters. There is one or more human group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Skullicon - Zombie group headquarters. There is one or more zombie group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Eyeicon - Vampire group headquarters. There is one or more vampire group that claims this tile as a headquarters.