This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
The Salesworth Building Big (21,21) Redemption Street Intersection (22,21) The Meldberg Building Big (23,21) a Parking Lot Parking (24,21) a Warehouse Building (25,21) Ogden Road Intersection (26,21) Holstead Park Park (27,21) Chopp Street Intersection (28,21) Larry Joe's Hardware Building (29,21) Guilded Pheasant Restaurant Building (30,21)
Porty Hotel Big (21,22) Dream World Arcade Building (22,22) a Gas Station Gas (23,22) St. Paul's Hospital Big (24,22) Galloway Elementary School School1 (25,22) Galloway Elementary School School2 (26,22) a Gas Station Gas (27,22) The Violet Club Building (28,22) Love Avenue Intersection (29,22) a Wasteland Waste (30,22)
Moustache Bar Building (21,23) The Hoop Building Big (22,23) Stingray Boulevard Intersection (23,23) Kettle Library Building (24,23) Forest Street Intersection (25,23) Wood E. Chuck's Restaurant Building (26,23) Fastner Cemetery Cemetery (27,23) a Parking Lot Parking (28,23) Angel Boulevard Intersection (29,23) Vinnie's Sporting Goods Building (30,23)
Bean Sprout Restaurant Building (21,24) Wonka Street Intersection (22,24) a Church Building (23,24) a Junkyard Junk (24,24) Hobbey's Clothing Store Building (25,24) Burgericon Bloodicon The Sunset Building Big (26,24) Water Street Intersection (27,24) Power Play Electronics Building (28,24) a Work Site Work (29,24) a Parking Lot Parking (30,24)
a Lazarix Building Building (21,25) Wealthy Street Intersection (22,25) a Parking Lot Parking (23,25) A & G Auto Shop Garage (24,25) Huvambieicon Houlden Bank Building (25,25) White Cap Club Building (26,25) a Wasteland Waste (27,25) a Gas Station Gas (28,25) The Trailblazer Building Big (29,25) a Wasteland Waste (30,25)
Donatello Road Intersection (21,26) Frouner Cemetery Cemetery (22,26) Jackon's Hardware Building (23,26) Meechy Lane Intersection (24,26) Bleeding Edge Electronics Building (25,26) Syringeicon a Parking Lot Parking (26,26) Eagle Beak Road Intersection (27,26) Riven's Auto Shop Garage (28,26) Roper Road Intersection (29,26) a Factory Building (30,26)
Speiler Fire Department Building (21,27) The Rough Building Big (22,27) Noswell Monument Park (23,27) Handle Police Department Building (24,27) Crazy Cruller Restaurant Building (25,27) The Sledd Building Big (26,27) a Work Site Work (27,27) Moonlight Street Intersection (28,27) Underlight Park Park (29,27) Nuttle Post Office Building (30,27)
Tiffany's Formal Wear Building (21,28) Space Station Bar Building (22,28) Bigfoot's Comic Shop Building (23,28) Clarent Street Intersection (24,28) The Bressley Building Big (25,28) Strumm Boulevard Intersection (26,28) a Wasteland Waste (27,28) Bab's Bar Building (28,28) Applewhite Museum Building (29,28) Lordless Avenue Intersection (30,28)
Quincey Moore Park Park (21,29) Old Saddle Road Intersection (22,29) Broome Museum Building (23,29) Value Now Hardware Building (24,29) a Gas Station Gas (25,29) Smiling Duck Restaurant Building (26,29) St. Alwin Hospital Big (27,29) a Parking Lot Parking (28,29) a Gas Station Gas (29,29) Head Creek Police Department Building (30,29)
Teapot Boulevard Intersection (21,30) a Gas Station Gas (22,30) Olga's Auto Shop Garage (23,30) Something Avenue Intersection (24,30) Mullery Fire Station Building (25,30) Holy Cross Cemetery Cemetery (26,30) Goldstein Lane Intersection (27,30) The Bartleby Building Big (28,30) Boldering Bank Building (29,30) Dennis Road Intersection (30,30)

Map Icon Key:

  • Revive/Devive Points:

Syringeicon - Human revive point. People will help you become human here.

Burgericon - Zombie devive point. People will help you become a zombie here.

Bloodicon - Vampire contamination point. People will help you become a vampire here.

Note: It is commonly frowned upon for players to kill others at a revive point without doing the proper revive or change to that person. This is not against the rules of the game, however. It is simply considered poor form.
  • Group Locations:

Grenadeicon - Human group headquarters. There is one or more human group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Skullicon - Zombie group headquarters. There is one or more zombie group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Eyeicon - Vampire group headquarters. There is one or more vampire group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

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