This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
Clarie's Beauty Salon Building (31,1) Redlight Street Intersection (32,1) The Flossey Building Big (33,1) a Wasteland Waste (34,1) a Factory Building (35,1) Mourning Dove Funeral Home Building (36,1) Leorus Fire Department Building (37,1) Hard Cell Electronics Building (38,1) Pipeline Boulvevard Intersection (39,1) Creedless Hospital Big (40,1)
Guava Street Intersection (31,2) a Wasteland Waste (32,2) North Angel Police Department Building (33,2) Chancellor Cemetery Cemetery (34,2) Pepper's Auto Shop Garage (35,2) Donor Park Park (36,2) a Parking Lot Parking (37,2) Black Hills Mall Mall2Grenadeicon(38,2) Black Hills Mall Mall3Grenadeicon(39,2) Hammel Library Building (40,2)
a Work Site Work (31,3) a Gas Station Gas (32,3) a Warehouse Building (33,3) Edward Street Intersection (34,3) Lloyd's Sporting Goods Building (35,3) Heracles Boulevard Intersection (36,3) Fireside Inn Hotel Big (37,3) Black Hills Mall Mall1 Grenadeicon(38,3) Black Hills Mall Mall4 Grenadeicon(39,3) a Work Site Work (40,3)
Lomley Restaurant Building (31,4) a Synagogue Building (32,4) Big Harry's Harware Building (33,4) Selles Library Building (34,4) Boxcar Grille Restaurant Building (35,4) a Work Site Work (36,4) a Lazarix Building Building (37,4) The New York Club Building (38,4) Syringeicon a Parking Lot Parking (39,4) Millie's Jewelry Building (40,4)
Jerome Hill Hospital Big (31,5) Nillwood's Auto Shop Garage (32,5) Front Row Theatre Building (33,5) The Wigmore Building Big (34,5) Dickens' Formal Wear Building (35,5) The Mahr Building Big (36,5) Barbara Street Intersection (37,5) Philip Road Intersection (38,5) The Dunbar Building Big (39,5) a Bus Station Building (40,5)
a Gas Station Gas (31,6) a Parking Lot Parking (32,6) Tomato Street Intersection (33,6) Pegg Lane Intersection (34,6) Underwite Bank Building (35,6) Gold Rush Avenue Intersection (36,6) Killion Park Park (37,6) Boxer's Gun Shop Building (38,6) McCaine Bar Building (39,6) Elizabeth Lane Intersection (40,6)
Orville Hill Museum Building (31,7) St. Monroe Hospital Big (32,7) Capitus Park Park (33,7) Wired Head Electronics Building (34,7) Coldstone Hotel Big (35,7) a Gas Station Gas (36,7) The Sterm Building Big (37,7) Julia's Bakery Building (38,7) Ivory Walk Police Department Building (39,7) a Gas Station Gas (40,7)
Tea Leaf Boulevard Intersection (31,8) a Junkyard Junk (32,8) Peaceful Avenue Intersection (33,8) Teeky Elementary School School1 (34,8) Teeky Elementary School School2 (35,8) Nurmen Cemetery Cemetery (36,8) a Parking Lot Parking (37,8) Cardinal Fire Department Building (38,8) Ebony Boulevard Intersection (39,8) Appletree Cemetery Cemetery (40,8)
Peiker Hotel Big (31,9) Breachy Fire Department Building (32,9) The Lisspey Building Big (33,9) a Parking Lot Parking (34,9) a Bus Station Building (35,9) Jessup's Sporting Goods Building (36,9) The Submarine Club Building (37,9) Cane Street Intersection (38,9) a Junkyard Junk (39,9) a Wasteland Waste (40,9)
Bridge Avenue Intersection (31,10) Winchester Bar Building (32,10) Dullard Lane Intersection (33,10) Pirate Anne's Restaurant Building (34,10) Chester Fulley Monument Park (35,10) Pete Street Intersection (36,10) Westerner Street Intersection (37,10) The Treason Building Big (38,10) Little Wayne's Restaurant Building (39,10) a Work Site Work (40,10)

Map Icon Key:

  • Revive/Devive Points:

Syringeicon - Human revive point. People will help you become human here.

Burgericon - Zombie devive point. People will help you become a zombie here.

Bloodicon - Vampire contamination point. People will help you become a vampire here.

Note: It is commonly frowned upon for players to kill others at a revive point without doing the proper revive or change to that person. This is not against the rules of the game, however. It is simply considered poor form.
  • Group Locations:

Grenadeicon - Human group headquarters. There is one or more human group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Skullicon - Zombie group headquarters. There is one or more zombie group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Eyeicon - Vampire group headquarters. There is one or more vampire group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

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