This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
Jaque Rabbit Restaurant Building (31,31) a Junkyard Junk (32,31) a Wasteland Waste (33,31) a Work Site Work (34,31) Dogfish Street Intersection (35,31) Posiedon Club Building (36,31) Crackshot Gun Shop Building (37,31) Ochre Lane Intersection (38,31) The Pleb Building Big (39,31) a Work Site Work (40,31)
Kimmel's Music Shop Building (31,32) a Gas Station Gas (32,32) Bolderson Avenue Intersection (33,32) a Wasteland Waste (34,32) Orange Tree Supermarket School1 (35,32) Orange Tree Supermarket School2 (36,32) a Parking Lot Parking (37,32) Snowpea Restaurant Building (38,32) Greeney Restaurant Building (39,32) Humble Branch Cemetery Cemetery (40,32)
Applecart Boulevard Intersection (31,33) Red Rex Restaurant Building (32,33) Tawney's Toy Store Building (33,33) a Factory Building (34,33) The Snart Building Big (35,33) Rue Boulevard Intersection (36,33) Mickel Point Police Department Building (37,33) a Bus Station Building (38,33) Impress Street Intersection (39,33) a Church Building (40,33)
The Heinder Building Big (31,34) Brum Hospital Big (32,34) Another Street Intersection (33,34) a Warehouse Building (34,34) James Brown Street Intersection (35,34) Syringeicon Sheely Park Park (36,34) a Work Site Work (37,34) Freakout Club Building (38,34) a Gas Station Gas (39,34) Grumer Fire Department Building (40,34)
Venue Avenue Intersection (31,35) a Parking Lot Parking (32,35) The Quacksmeyer Building Big (33,35) Briddy Library Building (34,35) Sixteen Electronics Building (35,35) Throcker Street Intersection (36,35) The Dwiggit Building Big (37,35) Brucey's Clothing Store Building (38,35) Hutchenson Street Intersection (39,35) The Toupee Building Big (40,35)
Orville Horton Auto Shop Garage (31,36) Heney Willard Hardware Building (32,36) Nadia's Hair Salon Building (33,36) Andrew Howe High School School1 (34,36) Andrew Howe High School School2 (35,36) On Tap Bar Building (36,36) a Lazarix Building Building (37,36) a Parking Lot Intersection (38,36) Radley Museum Building (39,36) a Work Site Work (40,36)
Eurellen Bank Building (31,37) Vailer Street Intersection (32,37) Telly Sporting Goods Building (33,37) a Parking Lot Parking (34,37) Gladgoode Theatre Building (35,37) Takara Street Intersection (36,37) The Codder Building Big (37,37) Grenadeicon Bawlrey Mall Mall2 (38,37) Grenadeicon Bawlrey Mall Mall3 (39,37) Brenner Police Deparment Building (40,37)
Hershwalt Hotel Big (31,38) a Work Site Work (32,38) a Wasteland Waste (33,38) The Rystore Building Big (34,38) Saint Marcellas Hospital Big (35,38) Quiet Winds Cemetery Cemetery (36,38) Straiter Avenue Intersection (37,38) Grenadeicon Bawlrey Mall Mall1 (38,38) Grenadeicon Bawlrey Mall Mall4 (39,38) a Parking Lot Parking (40,38)
a Work Site Work (31,39) Whitterman Auto Shop Garage (32,39) Chesterton Formal Wear Building (33,39) Shenkner Avenue Intersection (34,39) Stubbs Club Building (35,39) Toughey's Hardware Building (36,39) Shooper Bank Building (37,39) a Work Site Work (38,39) Gauber Street Intersection (39,39) a Gas Station Gas (40,39)
Restoration Street Intersection (31,40) Volt Street Intersection (32,40) a Wasteland Waste (33,40) a Warehouse Building (34,40) The Yvette Building Big (35,40) a Wasteland Waste (36,40) Lori's Restaurant Building (37,40) Paskiss Hotel Big (38,40) a Gas Station Gas (39,40) Mexico Boulevard Intersection (40,40)

Map Icon Key:

  • Revive/Devive Points:

Syringeicon - Human revive point. People will help you become human here.

Burgericon - Zombie devive point. People will help you become a zombie here.

Bloodicon - Vampire contamination point. People will help you become a vampire here.

Note: It is commonly frowned upon for players to kill others at a revive point without doing the proper revive or change to that person. This is not against the rules of the game, however. It is simply considered poor form.
  • Group Locations:

Grenadeicon - Human group headquarters. There is one or more human group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Skullicon - Zombie group headquarters. There is one or more zombie group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Eyeicon - Vampire group headquarters. There is one or more vampire group that claims this tile as a headquarters.