Classes are the first process to starting Hell Rising. Players can select one class to begin the game. Each class has different items as well as one skill to start with.

Human Classes[edit | edit source]

You can be a doctor.

Through perseverence or sheer luck, you've managed to survive the initial waves of horrific chaos. You're on your own for now, with nothing to your name except for a few items and a major skill.

Zombie Classes[edit | edit source]

You can be a corpse of a doctor.

You've died, but haven't let it get in your way. Shambling through the streets, you are an undead creature with a hunger for human flesh. Depending on the time or manner in which you died, you are capable of using one major skill.

Vampire Classes[edit | edit source]

You can be a freak.

You're a special breed of ghoul. Strangely uninterested in devouring raw flesh, blood lust instead permeates every fiber of your being. Due to mysterious changes in your unstable undead biology, you have gained one major skill.

Undead Starting Items[edit | edit source]

  • Human characters start the game with a set variety of items specific to their class, but undead characters start the game with randomly selected clothing.
  • Possible starting clothes for the undead include:
    • Fatigues
    • Police Uniform
    • Firefighter Uniform
    • EMT Jacket
    • Security Guard Uniform
    • Biohazard Suit
    • Work Clothes
    • Prison Jumpsuit
    • Rags
    • Trenchcoat
    • Business Suit
    • Mechanic Jumpsuit
    • Religious Robes
    • School Uniform
    • Bath Robe
    • Hospital Gown
    • Pajamas
    • Rain Slicker
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