Costume Shop
Type: Structure
Found in: Darkridge, West Underlook
Tiles: 1

Costume shops are locations that sell costume clothes.

In-game description Edit


  • The building seems dark.
  • A lighted sign above the front door advertises the business.


  • The lights are out.
  • The lights are on.

Items found by searching Edit

Item Outside Inside
Clothes None
  • Animal Costume
  • Animal Mask
  • Bald Cap
  • Clown Nose
  • Clown Shoes
  • Clown Suit
  • Dinosaur Mask
  • Fat Suit
  • Fishnet Stockings
  • Fright Wig
  • Gorilla Costume
  • Gorilla Mask
  • Guy Fawkes Mask
  • Harlequin Mask
  • Hotdog Costume
  • Jester Hat
  • Luchador Mask
  • Skeleton Suit

List of costume shops Edit

In Serling:

  • Funny Face Costume Shop (494,497)
  • Gacy's Costume Shop (507,498)

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