Creating your very first group!

Alright, so you're new to Hell Rising. What's the first thing you do to ensure safety and survival? Join a group of course. What if there's no group to your liking? What do you do? You start your own group of course!

Creating your group


Find the title that suits you and your group members the most.

Go to the "My Group" tab in the game and think of a good name for your group. Make sure it is something you like, because once you create your group, there is no way of changing its name again. If the name has been already taken by another group, tough luck! Pick another one until you've found an available one that suits you.


Give a straightforward description about your group's ultimate purpose.

Once you created a group he next thing you want to do is set a goal for your group. This can be as simple as "KILL ALL T3H HOOMANZ!!1!1" or as intricate as "Ensure the safety of Shackleton Police Department for future generations while playing as a zombie". Put a neat summary of this in your group's description box. If you have a website to represent your group, type the link in the website box as well.


Invite your friends!... If you have any.

The last and most important thing you need to build a successful group is... members. If you're just starting out, try and get some of your friends to join the game with you, and create a double-led group. Maybe you joined at someone else's request? See if that someone will join your group (even if only temporarily) to help it get members. Having three people right from the get-go is a good way to start a group.

Keeping your group active


Manage your members and ranks

So now you have the members, you need to make sure they don't all go inactive on you. Hold events every so often, create inactivity rules, start wars with other groups, anything to keep your members interest. Following these steps, your group should gain a respectable amount of members.

You can also go to the Groups page and add your group onto the list along with your group information, such as your group description and amount of members. This will help with advertising your group and help it receive more attention to other players.

Disbanding your group


Happen to dislike your group or tired of managing it? No worries. Just go to the group profile and simply click the "disband" button. All members would receive a notification that the group has been deleted.

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