For supreme ridiculousness, several games can actually be found in arcades throughout Hell Rising.

Skull & Crossbow[edit | edit source]

Join a young Ferret Scout by the name of Toby as he defends his town against an invasion of ill-tempered skeletons!

Evil skeletons, lead by the mysterious Lord Rotbone, are making their way from the cemetery toward a town full of unsuspecting victims! Having recieved badges in the fields of crossbow usage, the occult, and walking backwards, Toby is the only person qualified for the job.

Slaughter Mansion[edit | edit source]

It's been ten years since an entire family of wealthy do-nothings were found dead within their extravagant mansion. Now their ghosts have escaped Hell and are defending their home against demolition!

You are Slate Blanks, a demolition expert with nerves of steel. After being locked within the infamous Slaughter Mansion during a routine day of demolition work, you are beset by all manner of monsters! You'll have fight you way through blobs, demons, zombies, and more if you want to bring down the cursed abode!

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