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Last Updated: November 6, 2014

Group Key

Active At least 3 or 50% of its members are currently active.
Inactive Inactive for at least a month.
Inactive Inactive for more than three months.
Dead Devoid of any activity for the past year.
All Race Accept and play as all three races.
Pro-Human Play primarily as humans and are usually dedicated to defending humans and killing the undead.
Pro-Zombie Play primarily as zombies and are usually dedicated to killing humans and vampires.
Pro-Vampire Play primarily as vampires and are usually dedicated to killing humans and zombies.
Anti-Human Play as both zombies and vampires and are usually dedicated to killing humans.
Anti-Zombie Play as both humans and vampires and are usually dedicated to killing zombies.
Anti-Vampire Play as both humans and zombies and are usually dedicated to killing vampires.

Group Description Type Member(s) Recruitment Status
/x/files We are the /x/files branch of fbi that investigates the paranormal All Race 74 Apply Active
3i Inspiration, Ingenuity, Innovation. This is what 3i stands for. Our CEO Gary Strane has come personally to Serling to prove that 3i has no responsibility for or connection with the current events in Twilight City or in Serling. Accompanied by scientists and high ranking 3i experts, he will prove President Rook's allegations wrong. Former 3i employees are encouraged to assist in the endeavours. Experienced citizens with knowledge of local facilities are also welcome. Main task to get this place up and running again is to keep the powerplant in good shape. All Race 15 Open Active
Aundae Clan We are the kindred, Hells ancient descendants, Begging the night not to go. Would you die for the dead yet still living? Starved of a life that's now gone, We are the children, The hungry children. Erupt in violence. As the ancients slumbered Wanker protected the bloodline, Awakening them in time of dire need, The bloodline unjustly mistreated, The Ancients vow revenge... Now death is at our command, Returned to our former glory! The neverending story. We're Hunting Humans... It's Killing Time Everyday. Anti Human 35 Apply Active
Bastards Battalion So we're prohuman, I guess. Fuck you. Pro Human 11 Apply Active
Black Sun All Race 4 Invite Active
Combat Medics We are a M.A.S.H unit. We come to the Aid to all pro-human groups and we will provide what aid we can to all pro-undead groups. We Help All In Need. Armed with a Med Kit, a Revive needle, and maybe a pair of fangs. It isn't an easy route to play, spending more time patching people up than taking them apart, but it can be a great deal of fun. All Race 10 Open Active
Flying Hellfish Now, our story begins in 19-dickety-two. We had to say "dickety" cause that Kaiser had stolen our word "twenty". I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles... The fightingest squad in the fightingest company in the third-fightingest battalion in the army. All Race 2 Apply Active
High Plains Drifter HANG 'EM HIGH All Race 26 Apply Active
H . U . G . E . For when you absolutely need, everyone as an enemy. Pro Vampire 1 Open Active
kekkaman Fan Club We are dedicated to our great leader the one and only kekkaman. In kekkaman we trust. Also vampires. Pro Vampire 7 Open Active
Kurushimi Life is suffering. We carry out the onerous duty of relieving others of that terrible suffering and taking it upon ourselves. For those who do not yet have one, please find a walkie talkie at your local police/fire department so that you can talk with us in group chat. Anti Human 3 Apply Active
Lazarix 2.0 Lazarix is a large pharmaceuticals company that takes its name from Lazarus, a biblical character who was resurrected. Though Lazarix has been hailed for breakthroughs in various life-saving medicines, their ample supplies of a mysterious "anti-death" serum has lead some in Twilight City to speculate as to their involvement in recent events. We accept Human/Zombie/Vampire all. Please, try to keep TKing to a MINIMUM, or avoid it completely. Vicious to our enemies, fiercely loyal to our own, from the dark and terrible unknown we manifest a new reality for all of Twilight City, and as Lazarix 2.0 in Serling. Lazarix, Straticon, Loki, "Designing a better Tomorrow" with 3i. All Race 21 Open Active
Leviathan Corps The Leviathan Corps is a strictly PRO-HUMAN group dedicated to protecting all innocent humans. We are ANTI TEAM-KILLING and ANTI UNDEAD. We revive and heal everyone regardless of player preference. If you are inactive for an extended amount of time you WILL be kicked. Apply to rejoin when you return. Pro Human 18 Invite Inactive
Looking for Group You're looking for a group? The least we can do is offer one to you. We're bringing the nonsense into this too dead city. Having a weird idea? - We'll help making it real. Come in, have fun. Bomph. All Race 13 Open Active
Quite Contrary How does your garden grow? Serling's premier pro-zombie association. Organize to destroy barricades and always kill with teeth. Take the city back from those uppity humans and damn dirty vamps. Pro Zombie 12 Apply Active
Soul Haunter Campaigning for a fenced in map. Help make the game less fun and more fencey. Pro Human 11 Open Active
Space Monkey Mafia Certain that zombies are to blame for EVERYTHING that went wrong in this world(before and after the apocalypse, of course... and yes that includes digital watches), Space Monkey Mafia's duty is to search out and destroy or convert(to human or vampire) all zombies, so that one day... the monkeys that left this planet shortly after the world ended might return from outer-space. Anti Zombie 17 Open Active
Terrorbox We try not to die, until somebody kills us. Sometimes we try to stay dead, until somebody stabs us in the ass with a needle. It's a vicious cycle. Pro Human 10 Invite Active
The Blast Zone No new fags! All Race 1 Open Active
The Devils Rejects We are the rejects, the low-life scum, the unwanted bastards of Serling, and we will destroy everything and everyone that stands in our way. All Race 1 Apply Active
The Einherjar The fight never ends, nor do we. ['s-newbie-guide/] [] All Race 26 Apply Active
The Justice Department We are The Justice Department, a group dedicated to protecting Serling and striking down on those who wish to see it destroyed. We're going to be cracking down on tkers and alt abusers all throughout Serling. All Race 17 Open Active
The Unholy Quartet We have a bad rep and we know how to use it. Pro Vampire 4 Apply Active
This Old House This old house is dedicated to the non-violent repair of this once glorious city. Pro Human 5 Open Inactive
Warriors We're going to let everyone know that the Warriors were here! big red W. All Race 17 Apply Active
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