A truce was started by the Army National Guard in the very popular jumping location, The Kross Building. It begins with below 10 members of the Army National Guard, but it did not take long for allies to gather. By 11PM EST, the number of people swelled up to almost 30, including several infamous TKers, such as Dr. D. Many players were shocked to wake up the next morning to find that they were still alive- the truce would hold until midnight November 1st, when the Halloween items would disappear. Throughout the day, numbers rose, and at the peak, over 100 players were inside the building. Attempts were made by Red Rum to crash the party, but active players well-stocked with healing items kept human casualties to a minimum. To many veteran players, it was a throwback to the days before the Human Nerf in Fort Howard. Some players jumped the gun, and for many, the bloodbath began early. At about 1 minute after midnight EST, over 20 players had died, jumped or fled the Kross Building.

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