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Broken UploadsEdit

Not really sure if this is where to post this but it seems that the "upload file" function is broken!

Community Events Edit

Well other places have them so why not here in Hell Rising. The first event that could be done is a race around Twilight City.

Hopefully more info to come.

Improvement ProjectEdit

This is the community's chance to help fix up the Wiki so it can be a reliable source of information for all players, new and old.


Kangaroo CourtEdit

Well here's an option for a bit of vigilante justice or just for a good laugh, the premice is simple- Want people to know of zergers or Tkers? Then put them on trial and place screenshot evidence in here then have the public take revenge on them!

New Improvement Project Edit

The old Improvement Project has been revived! Please see visit the page for a very in-depth description.

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