A new project has been created: Improvement Project II

The Hell Rising Wiki Improvement Project is an effort to make this wiki usable from its pitiful state right now.

The Major GoalsEdit

  1. Organize the Wiki- Make sure user pages are in the proper category, etc etc
  2. Organize the Pages- Set standards for pages, like Suggestion, Items, and so on.
  3. Item Completion- Finish/Correct the Items page, keep it up to date
  4. Add-on- Add Item information pages, building information pages, event information pages- the things that add a little more flavor to the game, provided said things have relevance or importance.

Organize the WikiEdit

  • COMPLETED- Make sure all User Pages are properly categorized with a User: before the name.
  • COMPLETED- Make sure all Locations have a proper redirect under the format Location:<building>
  • NOT COMPLETED- Historical Groups- categorize these, and list them on the group page.

Organize the PagesEdit

  • NOT COMPLETED- Finish standards on Suggestion, convert all suggestions to the new format
  • NOT COMPLETED- Set standards for pages with information on items, specific buildings or building types.


  • NOT COMPLETED- Document major battles/events, like the Halloween Treaty, etc.
  • NOT COMPLETED- Finish the Location Types page
  • NOT COMPLETED- Finish neighborhood information, including backstory, currently active groups, revive/devive points and recent events.
  • NOT COMPLETED- Add information pages for notable buildings like the Kross Building, and places like Begg Street.

Clean UpEdit

  • NOT COMPLETED- Make existing pages look better
  • NOT COMPLETED- Fix spelling/grammar issues
  • NOT COMPLETED- Slightly off topic, get rid of banner, website is a scam accounts get deleted weekly, loose your donation.
  • NOT COMPLETED- Put the Hell Rising Wiki: prefix in front of Wiki pages, like Text Effects
  • NOT COMPLETED- Put the Guide: prefix in front of the Guides.


If you have time, bored, whatever, then go ahead and help out. There are no deadlines, no mandations, but what good is signing up for a project when you don't ever participate?


Add your username to this list if you support/participate in this project.

Feel free to add on to the list of above things if you feel something was left out.


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