What will become of you, fellow survivor?

Humans are intelligent, civilized beings. After countless successful generations and eons of hard study and research, they have finally discovered how to lead their own kind to annihilation through reanimating the dead. Now, all that are left are shattered remnants of human civilization and the small, dwindling numbers of living souls that have avoided extermination... as of now.

What will become of them? The undead pick the remainders out one by one, and even worse, some vicious bloodsuckers have been seen wondering about as well. All they can do now is to barricade themselves and hope for a small light to shine through the unrelenting darkness... and some more stocks of that lovely Lazarix™ revival serum.

In-game descriptionEdit

As a Surviving Human, you will face throngs of the undead. Using skills such as building barricades, hiding out and of course mastering combat, you just might make it. A sleu of weapons await you, from the customary Baseball Bat, Shotgun and Chainsaw to the occasional Frying Pan or Dead Fish.

Your goal will not only be living to see another day, but also helping others through healing and even revival using a strange serum created by Lazarix Pharmaceuticals. Sure, your days may be numbered, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.

Basic stats and informationEdit

Humans have low HP and high AP.

  • Health Points: 50
  • Action Points: 70


The main weapon for humans is Fists (1 damage, 15% hit chance). They are able to weld all weapons.


Humans must consume or use food and medical items in order to restore health. Humans who have First Aid are able to regain an additional 5 HP by using medical items.

Becoming a HumanEdit

Humans are able to be revived by being injected with a revival serum. Revival serums are able to be found by searching Lazarix buildings. Players must first be a corpse before being injected.


There are seven available classes to start out as a Human.


There are 26 available skills. It requires a minimum of 4550 XP to purchase all the skills.


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