After cities fell into eternal darkness, most semblance of law and order seemed to disappear. Let the looting begin.

Items are objects in the game that are found and obtained by searching locations or killing NPCs.

Notice: As of December 21, 2013, Hell Rising has more than 500 items in its database, many of which are not recorded on this wiki. This includes holiday items, donation items, and those not in game as of yet. It is asked to all players who find an item that is not on the wiki to contribute and add it unto its respective list. Thanks for the help.

- The Hell Rising Wiki

Types of items



Some weapons are less deadly than others, but make a bold statement. Such as: "You are meat."

Used to attack and kill others. Although used mainly by Humans, Zombies and Vampires can handle some of them too.


Machines and tools of all sorts that provide a benefit to humankind (and dead-kind).

Healing items

Items that restore health to players.


Various attires that can be worn to display yourself.


Other miscellaneous items that are either junk or used for crafting.

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