Lazarix Building
Lazarix Building
Type: Structure
Found in: Darkridge, Dobwood, East Underlook, Middlebern, Moldertown, Peston
Tiles: 1

Lazarix buildings are high-tech, specialized locations owned by Lazarix Pharmaceuticals.

In-game description Edit


  • A tremendous television screen halfway up the building sits silent and dark.
  • A tremendous television screen halfway up the building displays a loop of static-filled Lazarix commercials.


  • The computer terminals here appear to be dead due to lack of electricity.
  • Plasma televisions hanging from the ceiling display Lazarix commercials on an infinite loop.

Inside (a Lazarix Building; 498, 497 at Serling):

  • A sticky note behind the front desk reads, "Dr. M. needs some fresh air. All work an no play, am I right? Invite to Fun Run?"

Items found by searching Edit

Item Outside Inside
Healing items None
  • Injector
  • Revival Serum (1-3)
  • Lazerix Case
  • Cappy the Capsule Toy
  • Biohazard Suit
  • Lab Coat
  • Lazarix Access Tag
  • Lazerix Case

Computer terminals Edit

Humans with Lazarix access tags gain the Use Computer option. Players must have the access tag in their inventory and not be wearing it. This allows you to access the Lazarix computer network in Lazarix buildings, which yields some XP and a chance of revealing a link to information pertaining to the company.

If you are successful using the computer and get new information from it, you receive 2 XP. If you are successful using the computer and get information from it that you already found, you receive 1 XP. If you are not successful using the computer, you receive 0 XP.

List of information found on Lazarix computers:

List of Lazarix buildings Edit

In Serling:

  • a Lazarix Building (494,506)
  • a Lazarix Building (498,497)
  • a Lazarix Building (507,507)
  • a Lazarix Building (508,513)
  • a Lazarix Building (514,504)
  • a Lazarix Building (517,493)

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