Bab's Babes are the Best!

Bab's Bar


Location:Bab’s Bar InformationEdit

  • Location:Bab’s Bar is situated in Graystown

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Past HistoryEdit

Twilight City's Premier Gentleman's Club.
30 girls, one stage.
Private rooms available.
$5.00 Body Shots every Happy Hour
Bab's Babes are the Best!

This flyer was seen all around Graystown before the epidemic, and one might still find it posted or blowing in the wind. Bab's was a working class topless bar - more like a blue collar after work stop where there happened to be some women dancing without tops.
The regulars here were just that, men who made this the replacement for love, life, and all of those things that one dreams of. This is where real dreams died and were replaced with delusions, all for a $2 tip.

Recent EventsEdit

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