Begg Street Intersection (8,7)

Begg Street InformationEdit

Begg Street is a street one block south of the Fort Howard Gatehouse. Due to its position, it is easily the most frequented revive point in Twilight City and the quickest way to get a revive. With so many people going there, it has become a target for revive point killers. It is commonly referred to as just "Begg".

  • Descriptions:
    • "This well-worn length of street is dotted with pools of blood. The image of a gigantic smiling cartoon pill looks down on the area from a large billboard. It appears to be advertising "Lazarix Pharmaceuticals". Automated traffic lights blink a silent warning as street lights illuminate the sidewalks."

Past HistoryEdit

Being the main road into the Fort Howard Gatehouse, Begg Street was often filled with military convoys traveling in and out of the city. Before the outbreak began a large military presence could be seen along the street along with several police blockades. The street is named after Martin Van Begg the man (according to legend) who burnt down the original city that Twilight City later replaced.

Recent EventsEdit

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