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Outside:This small, quaint-looking building is flanked by weeping willow trees. The short stairway leading up to the front doors is covered in congealed blood. This section of the building seems dark.

Inside:Broken binders and gutted composition books dot the hallways here. Among the blood-spattered fliers adorning the walls is one reading "Learn to say it in Italian with Mr. Valentone!"

Past HistoryEdit

This is the school where a Mr. Valentone taught Italian. After spiraling into a deep depression from losing his job, he went from club to club making a mockery of himself and anyone with him. He was later bludgeoned on his skull while trying to join with Group 40 with his wife. He is presumably dead.

This was, and still is, the only school in Graystown. Despite it being called Galloway Elementary, it also housed a High School and Middle School wing. Three months before the outbreak, a school shooting occurred, causing many teachers to quit and the school staff to be overworked. This, combined with the fact that almost nobody would fund the school, lead to it's shutting down two days before the outbreak. All teachers are presumed dead, by eyewitness accounts. Early on in the outbreak, this school was a safe place, due to being too large for Victors sensing abilities to work, but it very quickly became the least safe place in Graystown, for the exact same reason. This building is in constant disrepair, reminding those who lived here of it's days before the outbreak.

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