This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.

The Jarvis:What You See is What You Get

Jarvis Bar


Location:Jarvis Bar InformationEdit

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Jarvis pool table

The uninspiring Jarvis pool table

Girls of jarvis

The Ladies of Jarvis Bar, before the outbreak. (They're all dead now.)

Past HistoryEdit

Originally, the sports theme was a big hit on game nights, and Jarvis was also a favorite hangout for theater goers from the Hopplin to stop in after the show for a drink. Jarvis saw his his little place hit it's heyday after the Twilight City Trilobites brought home the trophy three years running, but his luck turned with theirs - he bought and installed 6 large screen TV's the same year the Trilobites went into the trash and ticket prices plunged. Compound that with his huge investment in a satellite dish just weeks before cable was installed in Capricorn Village, and you have the recipe for failure.

Jarvis worked hard to keep things afloat, but judging from the condition of the pool tables and bathrooms, if Twilight City hadn't fallen into death when it did, Jarvis Bar would have anyway.

Occasionally, even still, you'll see a few regulars coming around to shoot some pool and drink some beer. The house rule is that if you need a pool cue for a weapon, don't take it from here.

Recent EventsEdit

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