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Map of Quarantine Zone[]

Map of Quarantine Zone


The entrance to Quarantine Zone is located in Dobwood, inside Martin Hospital at (503, 503) through the Barred Door. It costs 2 AP to enter or exit.


  • Ash - wearable (skin)
    • Found by searching Hospital Incinerator
  • Embalming Fluid - Zombie Food
    • Found by searching Morgue
  • Human Heart
    • Dropped by Famine and Grim Surgeon
  • Medkit
    • Dropped by Famine
  • Revival Serum
    • Found by searching Morgue
  • Rib Spreader - powerful bladed weapon, able to inflict Weakened
    • Dropped by Famine
  • Severed Arm - blunt weapon
    • Found by searching Morgue
  • Organ Cooler - wearable (back)
    • Found by searching Morque


  • A Forgotten Patient - Vampire
  • Blood Donor - Vampire
  • Famine - Vampire - observed up to 57 HP, high damage (wields Rib Spreader), inflicts Bleeding
    • Either there are multiple instances of Famine, or it quickly respawns in a different location upon death
  • Grim Surgeon - Vampire - Capable of causing infection to turn victims into Zombies


  • While in Quarantine Zone, the Walkie Talkie will be unable to pick up a signal from the outside world. However, communication within Quarantine Zone is possible.
  • Humans are unable to Hide and Vampires are unable to Rafter Hang in Quarantine Zone. Zombies are able to Play Dead.