Map of Quarantine ZoneEdit

Hell Rising Quarantine Zone Map

Map of Quarantine Zone

Location Edit

The entrance to Quarantine Zone is located in Dobwood, inside Martin Hospital at (503, 503) through the Barred Door. It costs 2 AP to enter or exit.

Items Edit

  • Ash - wearable (skin)
    • Found by searching Hospital Incinerator
  • Embalming Fluid - Zombie Food
    • Found by searching Morgue
  • Human Heart
    • Dropped by Famine and Grim Surgeon
  • Medkit
    • Dropped by Famine
  • Revival Serum
    • Found by searching Morgue
  • Rib Spreader - powerful bladed weapon, able to inflict Weakened
    • Dropped by Famine
  • Severed Arm - blunt weapon
    • Found by searching Morgue
  • Organ Cooler - wearable (back)
    • Found by searching Morque

Inhabitants Edit

  • A Forgotten Patient - Vampire
  • Blood Donor - Vampire
  • Famine - Vampire - observed up to 57 HP, high damage (wields Rib Spreader), inflicts Bleeding
    • Either there are multiple instances of Famine, or it quickly respawns in a different location upon death
  • Grim Surgeon - Vampire - Capable of causing infection to turn victims into Zombies

Trivia Edit

  • While in Quarantine Zone, the Walkie Talkie will be unable to pick up a signal from the outside world. However, communication within Quarantine Zone is possible.
  • Humans are unable to Hide and Vampires are unable to Rafter Hang in Quarantine Zone. Zombies are able to Play Dead.
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