Map of Sub-Level ZEdit

Sub-Level Z

Map of Sub-Level Z

Location Edit

The entrance to Sub-Level Z is located in Darkridge, inside the Lazarix building at (498, 497).

Items Edit

  • Vile Serum - heals 10-15 HP (15-20 HP with First Aid skill).
    • Found by killing Skeletal and Plague Hosts, not (so far) by searching
    • Has a chance of inflicting Infected on the recipient (observed when healing self, and when healing others)
    • Is able to remove the effect Bleeding upon use.
    • Is dropped more often and in larger amounts by Dr. Malignus.
  • No item can be obtained by searching.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Utility Drone - Machine - low damage
  • Security Drone - Medium damage, more aggressive
  • Skeletal Hosts - Creature - low health, usually killed in one or two hits
  • Plague Hosts - Creature - medium health, medium damage, capable of causing infections
  • Dr. Malignus - Creature - medium health, high defense, high damage (wields Bladed Fingers), very dangerous.

Trivia Edit

  • While in Sub-Level Z, the Walkie Talkie will be unable to pick up a signal from the outside world.
  • A sticky note referring to Dr. Malignus is posted in the Lazarix Building that houses the entrance. It reads, "Dr. M. needs some fresh air. All work an no play, am I right? Invite to Fun Run?"
  • Humans are unable to Hide, and Vampires cannot Rafter Hang in Sub-Level Z. Zombie can Play Dead.
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