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The Darwin Building


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Past HistoryEdit

The Darwin Building

A photo of The Darwin Building shortly before the outbreak

Back when Capricorn Village was still undeveloped countryside, Private Entrepreneur and Inventor Marshal Darwin (who claims no relation to Charles Darwin) built this massive stone and masonry monolith. Originally touted as a "Factory for the Future" the Darwin Building had more security than most banks.

Through the 30's and 40's, Marshal filed over 600 patents for inventions ranging from the "Electric Breath Freshener" to rare Chemical Combinations and Medicinal Treatments (Darwin's Daily Dose - cures Syphilis, Dandruff, and Aching Feet).

The top floors of this "Factory of the Future" were actually built as a self-sustaining town, with over 200 suites for employees, a store, cafes, and Twilight City's first rooftop swimming pool. The annual "Darwin Awards" Celebration was attended by Twilight City's Rich and Famous, and the line of Rolls Royce's and Limousines could be seen crawling through the back roads days in advance.

In the late Sixties, Darwin merged his business with a major share of Lazarix, and his "Factory of the Future" Laid empty for almost three decades, until being purchased and Renovated into luxury suites by The Twilight City Restoration Society. Currently the home to over 400 of Twilight City's upper middle class, the "Factory of the Future has been restored to it's original Architectural Glory.

On an odd side note, during renovations, there was discovered over 7 layers of basements and subbasements, including a fully equipped Nuclear Shelter, a morgue, and what appears to have been a prison. These "Subbasements" were never registered on any building permits or Architectural plans, and were discovered by accident when designing the underground parking. Rumor has it there may be as many as 12 more levels underground, but all parties involved in the renovations have denied this.

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