Map of The SewersEdit

Hell Rising Sewers Map

Map of The Sewers

Location Edit

There are two Sewer complexes, each with their own entrance outdoors through a Manhole. The first entrance is located in West Underlook, at Simcox Street (501, 491). The second is located in Dobwood, at Meekay Street (507, 509). It costs 2 AP to enter or exit. The two Sewer complexes are not connected.

Items Edit

  • Barrel - blunt weapon
    • Found by searching Sewer Tunnels
  • Bloated Stumps - blunt weapon
    • Dropped by Sludge Fiend
  • Dead Rat - Zombie food
    • Found by searching Sewer Tunnels
  • Lazarix Barrel - blunt weapon
    • Found by searching Sewer Tunnels
  • Patchwork Skin Suit
    • Dropped by Zomglomeration - wearable (full body)
  • Plastic Bag - wearable (head)
    • Found by searching Sewer Tunnels
  • Rotted Meat - Zombie food
    • Dropped by Sewer Dweller
  • Slime - wearable (skin)
    • Dropped by Sludge Fiend
    • Found by searching Sewer Tunnels

Inhabitants Edit

  • Sewer Dweller - Human - observed at up to 25 HP
  • Sludge Fiend - Zombie - observed at up to 34 HP, medium damage
  • Zomglomeration - Zombie - observed at up to 64 HP
    • Can attack with Bloated Stumps (medium damage) or Entwined Limbs (high damage)
    • Either there are multiple instances of Zomglomeration, or it quickly respawns, though not necessarily in the same Sewer complex

Trivia Edit

  • While in The Sewers, the Walkie Talkie will be unable to pick up a signal from the outside world. However, communication within The Sewers is possible, though it is unknown if communication between complexes is possible.
  • Humans are unable to Hide and Vampires are unable to Rafter Hang in The Sewers. Zombies are able to Play Dead.
  • Manhole covers can be seen on the view of the streets that allow entrance to The Sewers.
  • The Sewers are not to be confused with The Underground, which are in Twilight City.
  • Cell phones still work in the sewers, even though walkie talkies do not
  • You can setup fences in the sewers
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