Toby the Dysfunctional Trilobite, mascot of the Twilight City Trilobites.

Twilight Stadium Locker Room Stadium4 (36,26) Twilight Stadium Skybox Stadium5 (37,26) Twilight Stadium Locker Room Stadium6 (38,26)
Twilight Stadium Storeroom Stadium3 (36,27) Twilight Stadium Field Fieldbg (37,27) Twilight Stadium Guard Center Stadium7 (38,27)
Twilight Stadium Gift Shop Stadium2 (36,28) Twilight Stadium Gates Stadium1 (37,28) Twilight Stadium Concessions Stadium8 (38,28)

Location:Twilight Stadium InformationEdit

Template:Items Stadium Stadiums have special rules regarding them.

  • It may only be entered from the Gates, and may only be left when standing in the Gates
  • Only the Gates may be barricaded
  • Corpses dumped in Twilight Stadium will always be outside the Gates afterwards

Multi-square Buildings have special rules regarding them.

Past HistoryEdit


Twilight Stadium during a game

Twilight Stadium, the home of the Twilight City Trilobites, was one of the most popular venues inside Twilight City. Every home game, thousands of people came from all over Twilight City and other surrounding areas to see their favorite team play.

The Twilight City Stadium is also home to much controversy. One night after a win versus the Trilobites' crosstown rival, the Paulton Pumas, the prestiged Twilight Stadium Field was defaced and destroyed, and after many attempts to repair it, it eventually had to be replaced with AstroTurf. Members of the Pumas team were suspected in the vandalism, but nothing was ever proven.

Twilight City Stadium has seen many famous faces in its time. Hyperwolf CEO Hubert Mahoney, news anchor Richard Maple, and even President Joseph Rook have attended the Trilobites games. Twilight Stadium's western locker room can also be seen in the famous bomb defusing scene on the television show, "Confusion, Texas"

Recent EventsEdit

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