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In the oppressive haze of death, rule of law has all but crumbled.

Years have passed since the "Necrobe", a fungal agent capable of reanimating the dead, was released in several cities and small towns. Though Lazarix Pharmaceuticals is known to have studied the dangerous spores for their astounding curative properties, what isn't known is how or why the engineered result was allowed to spread.

As fungus-addled living corpses began flooding streets, other, more blood-thirsty beings emerged from the shadows. Vampires seem to be either seeking to destroy the zombie competition, or to simply feed on the remaining survivors.

Quarantine borders are strictly enforced by a private security company known as "Mantis", and no one knows for sure just what's going on in the outside world. Within these walls, many questions remain. Not least among them is this... What will become of you?

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Latest Game Update

Bupdate by Mammon
October 20, 2015
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  • Reload All button
  • Weapon damage and accuracy should now more accurately reflect the target selected (assuming you have Javascript enabled)
  • You can now reverse the order of events and discussion
  • New vampire skill "Night Vision" - Gives you perfect vision in the dark.


  • Discerning Palette also allows you to tell if the presences are NPCs
  • Defile now only requires one corpse
  • T-Shirt Cannon can now use any kind of shirt
  • If an NPC dies from a status effect you inflicted and you're still there, you will get full credit
  • Rooftop Run requires the building you're moving to be in good shape
  • Buffed Fists damage and accuracy
  • Increased repair and barricade chances
  • Hit chance is affected by darkness
  • Vampires can now hide with the lights on
  • Vampires are no longer automatically unhidden when the lights come on, but are extremely easy to find when searching
  • NPC groups now have a chance to counterattack
  • It will now show how much damage armor absorbed
  • NPC zombies will now only turn you into a zombie if you're infected (again)

Bug Fixes

  • Some skill descriptions were inaccurate
  • Weapon and NPC effects were always triggering
  • Certain effects weren't working
  • Shouldn't be able to set someone to same group rank anymore
  • Shouldn't be able to change your own group rank anymore
  • Should no longer keep items you can't use when searching
  • Various minor fixes
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Featured article

Weapons are items that can harm and kill people. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of things that can really kill you. Weapons include Assault Rifles to Barbed Wire to Weed Trimmers to Gas Station Bathroom Keys. They are essential for combat and are found everywhere throughout the city by searching locations. A few other weapons instead require to be crafted. (Full article...)

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