Intro Edit

This guide will teach you how to make templates. This will be finished soon (probably tomorrow)

What is a template Edit

A template is basically a mini-page that can be included within other wiki pages. People use them for all kinds of purposes.

What kind of templates are there and how do i make them? Edit

There are a few kinds of templates. The types and methods are listed below.


We're starting here as they're the most simple kind of template you can make. One example below.

This is a flagbox template

They're very simple and easy to use. If you want to make your own simple copy and paste the following text below and edit at your own pleasure

  • Color will change the outline and title backround (the block of color at the top of the template)
  • Image is what you want to have as a picture, in the example it was Wiki.gif.
  • Title text is what it says in the block of colour at the top.
  • Body text is what is put below the title and is the main bit of info.

General tip: Make sure that the text and backround stick out from each other or it might be hard to read/see.

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