Some items are not considered useful enough to look for.

Materials are items that serve as ingredients in crafting.

Items that have no purpose whatsoever are instead classified as junk.


A few clothes, healing items, utilities or weapons can be used in order to craft some new, nifty items.

Item Max Stack Locations
Antibiotics 10 Hospitals, Infirmaries, Malls, Mansions, Supermarkets
Backpack 1 Schools, Rioter
Bag of Blood 5 Hospitals, Infirmaries
Barbed Wire 7 Auto Shops (Outside), Camp Cabins (Outside), Factories (Outside), Houses (Outside), Junkyards (Outside), Warehouses (Outside)
Bandages 12 Hospitals, Infirmaries, Crafting
Baseball Bat 4 Fort Exercise Yard, Sporting Goods Stores
Beer 6 Bars, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Fort Barracks, Fort Mess Halls, Clubs, Stadium Concessions
Box of Nails 4 Factories, Fort Storehouse, Hardware Stores, Junkyards (Outside), Warehouses, Work Sites
Broken Bottle 4 Crafting
Butcher Knife 4 Bakeries, Bars, Camp Cabin, Fort Mess Halls, Houses, Restaurants, Stadium Concessions
Car Battery 2 Auto Shops, Mantis Armored Vehicle
Chain Link Fence 4 Junkyards (outside), Parking Lots, Crafting
Cinderblock  ? Work Sites
Coffin 2 Cemetery
Fire Axe 3 Fire Departments, Hardware Stores
Fire Extinguisher 4 Banks, Buildings, Factories, Fire Departments, Fort Barracks, Gas Stations, Hotels, Warehouses
Gas Can 4 Fort Vehicle Depot, Gas Stations
Generator 1 Hardware stores
Glasses  ? Crafting, ?
Grenade 7 Human Soldier, Vampire Soldier, Zombie Soldier, Warcophagus
Hammer  ? Hardware Stores, Warehouses, Work Sites
Length of Chain 4 Auto Shops (Outside), Hardware Stores, Junkyards (Outside), Wastelands, Work Sites
Length of Pipe 5 Fort Storehouse, Hardware Stores, Junkyards (Outside), Wastelands, Work Sites
Lighter 8 Bars, Gas Stations
Medal  ? Fort Barracks
Medkit 5 Hospitals, Infirmaries, Malls
Monocle 8 Formal Clothing Stores
Package 10 Post Office
Pair of Pliers  ? Hardware Stores
Police Badge 4 Police Departments
Pumpkin 4 Rotting Scarecrow
Rags  ? Clothing Stores, Junkyards (outside), Sewer Dweller
Revival Serum 3 Lazarix Buildings, Quarantine Zone, Crafting
Riot Armor 1 Mantis Security Brutes, Crafting
Saw 2 Hardware Shops
Scrap Armor 1 Crafting
Scrap Metal 25 Work Sites, Parking Lots, Mantis Drone, Mantis Armored Vehicle, Mantis Helicopter, Warcophagus
Shotgun 1 Fort Armory, Gun Stores, Malls, Police Departments, Prison Guard Stations, Stadium Guard Center, Crafting (Factories)
Skull 6 Sheenan Museum
Sledgehammer 2 Hardware Stores, Work Sites
Slime  ? Sewers,
Sticky Bile  ? Necronid
Sunglasses 5 Bars, Clothing Stores, Gas Stations, Fort Barracks, Clubs, Beachwear Stores
Tea Set  ?  ?
Television 1 Electronics Stores, WZMB TV Building
Trash 99 Streets, Wastelands, Junkyards
Vile Serum 8 Skeletal Host, Plague Host, Dr. Malignus, Crafting
Wooden Board 4 Work Sites, Crafting


When civilization has collapsed, valuable items become worthless trinkets to those struggling to survive.

Item Max Stack Locations
Arcade Tickets 99 Arcades
Arcade Tokens 99 Arcades
Arrowhead 20 Sheenan Museum, Bullyward Museum,

Ida Morales Museum, The Tooper Museum

Broken Glass  ? Crafting
Confederate Flag 4 Candice Wooley Museum, Illblatt Museum
Dinosaur Fossil 20 Sheenan Museum, Bullyward Museum,

Ida Morales Museum, The Tooper Museum

Envelope  ? Post Offices
Flint 6 Sheenan Museum
Gargoyle 1 Magic Shop
Lantern  ?  ?
Money 99 Banks
Oil Painting 5 Hotels, Museums
Pornographic Magazine 99 Comic Shops, Prison Cell Blocks
Prayer Mat 4 Mosques
Religious Pamphlet 4 Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
Sack of Quarters 4 Arcades
Seashell 99 Beaches
Stamp 99 Post Offices
Surfboard 1 Beaches
Union Flag 4 Candice Wooley Museum, Illblatt Museum
Valentine's Day Card 3+ Parks (Valentine's Day 2009)
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