I figured this would be a good area to keep track of humourous and/or memorable spray painted messages around Twilight City. NOTICE: If a member finds a spraypainted message listed here about themself or their character, they can delete it immediatly if they choose.

Funny MessagesEdit

Tut tut tut This blood and gore just will not do, red is so not the forts best colour- inside Fort Howard Gatehouse

Don't tell anyone, but Lazarix Serum is really just tap water and curry powder.

You may now kiss the bride. WHOA NOT THERE! - church, among other places

CiB has sex with beasts.

Your 2 inch cock has no power - inside Fort Howard Training Ground.

Someone has spraypainted: oops, meant to hit spray

Someone has spraypainted: I am badly injured and infected with a zombie bite so I can't move out, I dont have any healing

Designated nude beach, brought to you by Leviathan Corps™ - found at a few of Campbell Beach's beaches

Beware zombie sharks-Leviathan Guards on duty - found at a few of Campbell Beach's beaches

Strange MessagesEdit

Bored of being a human? Join CiB! Because life's complicated enough. (Taken from Abbey National bank advert)

George Bush danced with EJ Wells here (inside Fort Howard Training Ground)

Lord, what fools these mortals be! (Painted inside a Church)

Save us, Queen Mab, and steal us away to a land of dreams! (Inside Dream World Arcade)

Brian Caden MessagesEdit

Vote Brian Caden for Mayor! - Seen all over Twilight City

We Can't Stop Here! This Is Brian Caden Country - Seen all over TC

This is a Jewish establishment! Burn it to the ground! Heil Caden!

Nazi Caden Sex Slave Recruitment Center

Brian Caden- The kind of guy you'd want for a mayor. Not that that's saying mutch.

Brian Caden promises a zombie in every home by 2009.

Brian Caden's in your house, sleeping with your mom.

Anyone can handle Brian Caden's hardware sack, man. (Outside Sackman Hardware)

Brian Caden is a Sex Goddess!

Brian Caden? Is he related to Barry-Caden?

How do I shot web? Brian Caden

All your spraypaint message are belong to Brian Caden

Brian Caden, created by nature

Brian Caden supports compulsive buggery

Brian Caden drowns kittens... Then eats them! =O

The Caden Cometh!

Lockjawed on Caden's huge cock? Crowbars on sale here! (outside Lockjaw Hardware)

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