Type: Structure
Found in: Apple Juction, Dobwood, Greenwood, Middlebern, Park Hills, Peston, West Underlook
Tiles: 1

Museums are locations that displays collections of artifacts.

In-game description Edit


  • General
    • The building seems dark.
    • The building is lit.
  • Busco Museum
    • A sign touts an exhibit on the American Civil War.
  • Illblatt Museum
    • A large, bullet-riddled banner here advertises an American Civil War exhibit.


  • The powerless, unlit displays here now house eerie shadows.
  • An ear-splitting anti-theft alarm is screaming out in vain.

Exhibits Edit

Each museum features a different exhibit, which affects the hotchpotch of items that can be found.

Exhibit Museums
Ancient Tribes
  • Bullyward Museum
  • Ida Morales Museum
  • The Tooper Museum
American Civil War
  • Candice Wooley Museum
  • Illblatt Museum
Japanese Culture
  • Busco Museum
Organisms and Life
  • Tweedor Museum
  • Sheenan Museum
  • Acely Museum

Items found by searching Edit

General (all museums) Edit

Item Outside Inside
Clothes None
  • Museum T-Shirt
  • Security Guard Uniform

Ancient Tribes Edit

Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • Ancient Pot
  • Book
  • Tribal Mask
Materials & Junk
  • Arrowhead
  • Dinosaur Fossil
  • Oil Painting

American Civil War Edit

Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • Ancient Pot
  • Antique Sabre
  • Rebel Soldier Uniform
  • Union Soldier Uniform
Materials & Junk
  • Confederate Flag
  • Union Flag

Japanese Culture Edit

Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • Dragon Sculpture
  • Tea Set
  • Kabuki Mask
  • Kimono
Materials & Junk
  • Oil Painting

Organisms & Life Edit

Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • Ceramic Sculpture
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Animal Mask
  • Balloon
  • Dinosaur Mask
  • Sock Puppet
Materials & Junk
  • Anatomy Chart

Prehistoric Edit

Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • Ancient Pot
  • Skull
  • Sling
  • Spear
  • Thigh Bone
  • Loincloth
Materials & Junk
  • Arrowhead
  • Dinosaur Fossil
  • Flint

Punishment Edit

Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • Bullwhip
  • Cat o' Nine Tails
  • Black Hood
  • Iron Mask
  • Shackles
  • Chastity Belt

List of museums Edit

In Serling:

  • Acely Museum (523, 502)
  • Busco Museum (498, 510)
  • Bullyward Museum (519,507)
  • Candice Wooley Museum (508,503)
  • Illblatt Museum (513,509)
  • Ida Morales Museum (503,491)
  • Sheenan Museum (502,508)
  • The Tooper Museum (521,494)
  • Tweedor Museum (500,513)

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