A number of bands were set to perform or released albums around the time the events of "Hell Rising" began. Mention of these bands can be found on materials inside and outside several music shops.

Horror BelleEdit

Supposedly uninterested in attaining celebrity status, the members of horror-rock group Horror Belle were well-known for wearing identical masks and costumes.

The members' identities eventually became public when a disgruntled ex-manager revealed them to be members of a defunct boy band called Re*Action.

Fans were left unsure of whether or not it was okay to enjoy Horror Bell. In response, the band set their costumes aflame onstage and played a hardcore version of their former boy band hit "Girl, I Love You", now retitled "Girl, I'll Stab You".

The MediocresEdit

Inspired by several past groups, the Mediocres somehow managed to avoid sounding like any of them. Their particular style of music became widely regarded as impossible to discern. This inspired some to create a new genre of music called "blando".

The Mediocres' latest album, titled simply "An Album", was released to a luke warm reception.

Scandal ensued when The Mediocres' lead guitarist accepted a prestigious Harmonia Award by saying, "I suppose this is okay." and wandering off the stage.


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Status FactionEdit

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Victor VictoriousEdit


The official logo of rock group Victor Victorious.

The eccentric rock group Victor Victorious first attained notoriety when their original singer, Sphincter George, died onstage during a particularly dangerous stunt. After riding the following press coverage to the top of the charts, the band found a new lead singer and almost immediately began recording.

Victor Victorious was set to perform in Twilight City's famous Trilobite arena, but unfortunately had to cancel when their drummer, Scrotimus Dong, was horribly mangled by a bear. Again, this occurred onstage in front of thousands of fans.

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