We PEAGASUS Troops Will Fight To The End To Kill Any Non Human Players And Fight Against Manits Security and Win Back Serlin

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's Get Straight To The PointEdit

1. Kill All Zombie/ Vampires Players/ NPCs ( including Manits Security )

2. Do Not Kill Humans Or Your Fellow Groupies

3. Make Lots Of Outposts

4. Defend Your Self

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  What To Kill!Edit

1. Vampire Edit

2. Zombies

3. Manits Security

4. Akhart

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Find Your Stuff!Edit

1. Maps: Museum, HotelsEdit

2. Guns: Police Stations, Gun Shops, Army Base Armory

3. GPS/ Watch: Electronic Stores

4. Backpacks/ Weapons Harness: Kill Rioters And Mantis Security

5. Junk: Well Every Where

Good Luck P.E.A.G.A.S.U.S. Troops, I Will See You On The Front Lines.

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