Mission: To KILL the Maggot Bruce Green and other Rabid Pkers

Tired of being an innocent human killed for no other reason than existing? Tired of the headache known as Bruce Green? Tired of the other Pkers whom wantonly kill with no reprisals, but get rewarded with "Top of the List?" Then join our group and help stomp these maggots of the game!

You and I know these maggots as PKers...Player Killers. They have made it their twisted mission in the game to kill. What or whom do they kill? Players who just wanna play the game. Innocent humans, for the most part, with no provocation. Why? Well, just to piss us off I do believe.

Kill List

To get someone listed here, put a screenshot of the kill on the Talk/Discussion page and then I will list their name here. NO PERSONS WILL BE LISTED HERE UNLESS THERE IS A SCREENSHOT OF THE KILL POSTED.

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