Race is a categorization of the living entities found in Hell Rising. There are five known races, three of which are playable. Each race has its own unique characteristics and gameplay.

Playable racesEdit


Only a fraction of survivors from the outbreak still hide amidst the city buildings. They have either fallen to madness or are desperately struggling to survive under extreme oddities. They may not be strong themselves, but their anthropomorphic abilities and the tools they scavenge in the city ruins may pull them to safety... for now.


Your average walking corpse. More dead and insensitive than its fellow adversaries, they are ruthless, flesh-seeking drones with one goal: devour the living. Their strength lies within their ever-multiplying numbers.


Mysterious beings with a raving taste for fresh blood. They are silent predators that possess sharp senses which help them to easily search out and hunt their victims.

Unplayable racesEdit



There has been a high increase of stray dogs since the outbreak began.

Creatures consist of various life forms other than Humans, Zombies, and Vampires. Creatures include animals, other monstrosities, and anything else that do not fit into the other categories.


Machines are mechanical entities that include hostile appliances, mobile robots, and metallic vehicles. Unlike other races, they do not have body parts.

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