This is a place where players who wish to be added to the contacts of our mercy angel revivers in the game. In order to use it the reviver just has to add the profile of these people into their contacts list and they will be able to see them instead of "a corpse" should they come across their dead bodies.

Please use the forum revive list for revive requests. This is a "Revive if Found" list. Please don't list locations here.

jilinmak==Please Revive Me If You Find My Corpse==

Please list and link player name and group affiliation.
Example: Tex Arcana Cleansed in Blood
(This is not a revive request, just an example)

  1. videostoreguy81 Order of the Fortress Stone
  2. midknightslayer Order of the Fortress Stone
  4. Vazzaroth Umbrella Corporation
  5. Budd
  6. Xebulba
  7. Psychodelic I.B.C.D.U.
  8. Booth I.B.C.D.U.
  9. Ace Sorou Paranormal Extermination Team
  10. AnacondaBoa
  11. Kaden Homari
  12. Daniel Dennis Gravesend Chamber of Commerce
  13. Meldrak>br>
  14. fcshorty12 guardians
  15. chum-bucket Death Squad
  16. Bluchu
  17. a green dragon
  18. Madotsuki
  19. Ooorah /x/files
  20. Fluttermaster 3i
  21. Nastasha Urban Dead Refugees
  22. Ted Rez
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