Skills are various abilities that are purchasable by XP. The initial cost of skills is 50 XP. At every purchase, the cost of the next skill rises by 10 XP. Skills are arranged by "skill trees", and some require a prerequisite skill to be bought before they are able to be purchased.

Human Skills

Name Description Notes Prerequisite skill
Hand to Hand Combat 30% chance to hit with your bare hands, 2 damage. +10% hit ratio for Fists -
Brawling 35% chance to hit, 2-3 damage. +5% hit chance for Fists Hand to Hand Combat
Martial Arts 40% chance to hit, 3-4 damage. +5% hit chance for Fists Hand to Hand Combat
Defensive Posture You get more protection out of worn armor. Hand to Hand Combat
Melee Training 15% better chance to hit with melee weapons. -
Blade Training 10% better chance to hit with bladed weapons. Melee Training
Adv. Blade Training 5% better chance to hit with bladed weapons. Blade Training
Blunt Training 10% better chance to hit with blunt weapons. Melee Training
Adv. Blunt Training 5% better chance to hit with blunt weapons. Blunt Training
Ballistics Training 15% better chance to hit with firearms. -
Small Arms Training 10% better chance to hit with small arms. Ballistics Training
Adv. Small Arms 5% better chance to hit with small arms. Small Arms Training
Assault Weapon Training 10% better chance to hit with assault weapons. Ballistics Training
Adv. Assault Weapons 5% better chance to hit with assault weapons. Assault Weapon Training
Dead Shot Human does increased damage when striking the head or chest. Ballistics Training
First Aid Healing items will restore slightly more HP. -
Analysis Allows you to see HP values of others. You can only see the HP of other Human players and friendly Human NPCs. First Aid
Lab Studies You can use injectors and revival serum to bring corpses back to life. First Aid
Carpentry Allows you to put up or reinforce a barricade. No material is needed to barricading or repair. -
Power Tool Expertise 12% better chance to hit with power tools. Carpentry
Demolition Bonus to taking down barricades. +10% for Sledgehammer
Craftsmanship Enables higher skill crafting recipes and shows hints for recipes. You can see a hint for a recipe when you have all the ingredients except one (it would show up as "???"). Carpentry
Scavenging Increased chances to find items. very important for low search-rate buildings such as Hospitals, Music shops or Lazarix buildings. +10% (???) chance to find an item. -
Hiding Allows you to hide from sight. see Stealth and detection Scavenging
Vandalism You can spray messages with spray cans. Spraying 40 will result in picture of number 40. Scavenging
Rooftop Run By crossing rooftops, you can find safe entrances into adjoining buildings without stepping onto the ground below. 1 ap. Move only if the target is not wrecked building.

Failing rooftop run will not lose ap.


Zombie Skills

Name Description Notes Prerequisite skill
Rending Hands 55% accuracy and 2-4 with hand attacks. -
Piercing Talons 65% accuracy and 3-4 damage with hand attacks. Rending Hands
Evisceration 70% accuracy and 3-5 damage with hand attacks. Piercing Talons
Rend Flesh When at or above two thirds of full HP, your successful attacks have a chance to do double damage. Evisceration
Gnawing Bite 40% accuracy and 3-6 damage with biting attacks. -
Jagged Teeth 45% accuracy and 4-6 damage with biting attacks. Gnawing Bite
Hunger Pain You receive a damage bonus and increased chance to hit with teeth when low on action points. When you have 11 AP or lower, Teeth damage increases by 2 (4-6 to 6-8) and hit chance increases by 10% (45% to 55%).


Jagged Teeth
Snap Attack Gives a chance to bite multiple times. You have a chance to attack 2 or more times at once, dealing double or more damage(2 times = twice the damage, 3 times = 3 times the damage). Highest probability of doing 2 times attacked, increasingly less probability of doing 3 times. If you have Grim Feast, the HP regained multiplies as well. Hunger Pain
Grim Feast 45% chance of regaining 3 HP from a bite attack. Gnawing Bite
Corpse Feeding Attempt to regain HP by feeding on nearby corpses. Cost of 2 AP, and you may only feed on a corpse once for a set time. You get more HP when there's multiple corpses. You can also consume machine's corpses. Each corpse gives 3(?) - 5 HPs. All corpses in that zone will be depleted by using Feed Corpse. Grim Feast
Biohazard 25% chance of infecting the victims of your bite attacks with a deadly disease. Gnawing Bite
Infectious Spew Unleash an unholy burst of spew to infect others around you. Biohazard
Infectious Splatter Attacks targeting you have a chance of infecting the attacker, if the damage is high enough. Biohazard
Clot Your blood can not be sucked. Prevents Vampires from regaining HP from you. Biohazard
Solid Grip You can grasp blunt weapons well enough to use them for basic battery. -
Flailing Battery Your mastery of melee weapons nearly matches your skill as a human. -2% hit chance compared to your current Human hit chance. Includes all melee weapons (blunt & bladed). Solid Grip
Dine Out You can pull wounded players out of safety and into the outdoors. Solid Grip
Decimate Damage the interior of buildings to make survival a little harder. For more information, see Barricading Solid Grip
Intellect You can do basic things like opening doors. -
Identify Life You can search for hiding humans. Intellect
Drop Dead You may hide out as a corpse until motivated to move... or until discovered. Can be discovered by a Vampire with Sharpened Senses. For more information: Stealth and detection Intellect
Meat Seeking Zombie does increased damage when striking the head or gut. Intellect
Strength in Numbers You recieve a damage bonus with hands and increased chance to hit with teeth when in groups of two or more zombies. +1 for each zombie. If you are hiding, it is suggested that you should reveal to get +1 damage from your zombie. For 2 zombies in your zone, +1 damage. For 3-4 zombies in your zone +2. For 5-(?) zombies in your zone +3. -
Smell Rot You can detect the familiar odor of nearby zombies. You can detect other Zombies (including NPCs) within a 4x4 radius regardless of weather. You can also detect Zombies inside buildings. You cannot detect corpses or hiding Zombies, however. Strength in Numbers
Eerie Moan Call out into the darkness as only a zombie can. Creating a noise for 4x4 radius which everyone can hear. Strength in Numbers
Cellular Degeneration If revived you may choose to stand as a Human or Zombie. When a corpse is injected, 15 APs is required to stand as a zombie while 10 APs is required to stand as a human. -
Adrenaline Boost Your undead body recieves an additional boost of health from revival serum when you choose to rise a zombie. Cellular Degeneration

Vampire Skills

Name Description Notes Prerequisite skill
Fanged Bite Bite attacks deal 10% additional bite accuracy and 4 damage. -
Powerful Jaws After a successful bite, you latch on to your target and attacks receive a bonus to hit. Chance to do +2-4 damage when latched. Fanged Bite
Plasma Feeding Successful bite attacks regain HP equal to damage. Successful bite gives a chance to regain HP relative to half the amount of damage, rounded up number. Powerful Jaws
Clacking Claws Receive a plasma feeding bonus when low on health. Plasma Feeding
Bloodthirst Increased attack power when on a killing spree. Two kills are removed from the blood-thirst counter when you hide. Powerful Jaws
Vampiric Infection Anyone you kill with your fangs will become a vampire. -
Cursed Blood If revived you may choose to stand as a human or vampire. Vampiric Infection
Supernatural Strength 10% additional claw accuracy and 2-3 damage. -
Inhuman Durability You are able to shrug off 1 point of damage. Supernatural Strength
Rafter Hang You can conceal yourself inside buildings if given absolute darkness. For more information: Stealth and detection Supernatural Strength
Sharpened Senses You can find others who are hidden quite easily. Increase a chance of finding hiding players using search command. There is no indicator that there are players hiding in a zone. -
Supernatural Senses You are able to sense the number of beings inside or outside if barricades are below heavy. Sense Presences (1 ap) when barricade meets condition and your are inside or outside target place Sharpened Senses
Energy Perception You can sense information on the state of your prey. Supernatural Senses
Discerning Palette You can recognize beings inside or outside that are on your enemy list. Supernatural Senses
Night Vision Allows you to see in the darkness as well as you can in the light. Sharpened Senses
Track Prey You can sense the approximate direction of the last person you attacked/attacked you. Sharpened Senses
Silent Whisper You can communicate with vampires next to you without others hearing. Sharpened Senses
Sudden Lunge When dead you can attack a nearby victim while getting up. -
Blood Letting You do increased damage when striking the neck or chest. Sudden Lunge
Defile Using gore from nearby corpses, you destroy any graffiti for an XP bonus. -
Raze Every time you successfully attack a barricade, you have a chance of damaging the building itself. -
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