The Point:[edit | edit source]

Certain that zombies are to blame for EVERYTHING that went wrong in this world(before and after the apocalypse, of course... and yes that includes digital watches), Space Monkey Mafia's duty is to search out and destroy or convert(to human or vampire) all zombies, so that one day... the monkeys that left this planet shortly after the world ended might return from outer-space.

Guidelines/Suggestions:[edit | edit source]


Note: This includes, but is not limited to..
  • Burning them alive.
    Commando-Matrix-Firing Rocket Launcher.png
  • By means of chainsaw.
  • Tossing them into an electric fence.
  • Trapping them in the sewer for the NPCs to eat alive (Not really.. zombies are already dead..).
  • Scaring them to death with a SkullBanger (again, not really alive..).
  • You could always do it in style... with a Sawed-Off Shot Gun.
  • Or using a Grenade Launcher on them -hopefully you say something catchy before you launch anything.

No matter how you decide to kill zombies, it doesn't really matter,  just make sure you turn them into a vampire or human afterwords or else they'll probably just get up and continue eating brains like all zombies do... but then again this means you get to kill them again, so I guess there is a plus side of not reviving/turnnig them.


  • LOTS of fences.
  • LOTS of barricades.
  • LOTS of whatever else you can think of frankly...  I don't know, get creative, perhaps tame an army of rats and have them defend the base.

Things to keep in mind:[edit | edit source]

If you fail don't worry... YOU ONLY JUST REMINDED US ALL OF WHY THE MONKEYS LEFT THIS PLANET IN THE FIRST PLACE - Because we weren't good enough to defeat a few brain dead zombies...

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