This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
Neighborhood of Starkington
Known groups in this Neighborhood:
Grenadeicon /b/alliance
Eyeicon Cleansed in Blood {CiB}
Eyeicon Aundae Clan
GrenadeiconTwilight City Police Dept.
Buildings of interest in Starkington:
Fort: N/A
Mall: N/A
Hospitals:Last Kingdom (22,6)
PDs:Crane PD (21,3)
Pine Groves PD (24,7)
Minche PD (29,3)Shimmerman PD (29,10)
Gun Shops:N/A
FDs:New Quill FD (15,3)
Shelly Marsh FD(19,1)
Others:Davis Waste Treatment Plant (25,3),(26,3),(25,4),(26,4)
Food Field Supermarket (28,8),(29,8)

Checkey Museum (26,1)

Revive Points in Starkington:
Human Update

Jason Street (23,6)

Vampire Update
Zombie Update

Starkington InformationEdit

Place 'hood info and comments here.

Recent NewsEdit

February 2010Edit

On a routine upkeep mission into Starkington, the Leviathan Corps has relocated the Revive Point to Jason Street (23,6), for more strategic placement.

Novemeber 2007Edit

November 25, 2007Edit

Spraypaints have been found leading to 24,10, Lion Street. It has been marked as a revive point. --EVA-251 14:24, 25 November 2007 (MST)

November 8, 2007Edit

Its quiet down here. Really quiet, especially the Waste Treatment Plant. --EVA-251 21:10, 8 November 2007 (MST)

October 2007Edit

October 23, 2007Edit

The Committee is in the fray now. Control of the building is shifting constantly. --EVA-251 15:25, 23 October 2007 (MDT)

October 19, 2007Edit

Fighting continues for control of the Waste Treatment Plant. Committee players have been spotted near it as well. --EVA-251 21:50, 19 October 2007 (MDT)

October 18, 2007Edit

The Aundae Clan with assistance from CiB, has taken back the Waste Treatment Plant from the /b/alliance. The building has been labeled as a Vampire Group HQ. About time this area got disputed. --EVA-251 19:33, 18 October 2007 (MDT)

October 09, 2007Edit

Following a day of intense fighting, most of the players inside Davis Waste Treatment are left as corpses. The Aundae withdraws from the fight. Due to organization difficulties, /b/alliance has difficulty being able to claim total victory in the battle. The 4 groups have scattered, leaving to Mullview, or back to Fort Howard.

October 08, 2007Edit

/b/alliance and /k/ players attack the Waste Treatment Plant, but get disposed of quickly.

October 07, 2007Edit

/b/alliance enters planning stages for an assault on the Aundae/CiB stronghold, the Davis Waste Treatment Plant

These days were what I logged awhile back.--EVA-251 15:38, 12 October 2007 (MDT)

  • Report anything notable here, a group setting up shop, or a battle. Keep the Revive Points up to date. Matter of fact, why doesn't a charitable group set up a revive point here, with some sprays leading to it? Also, sign your name. --EVA-251 13:54, 11 October 2007 (MDT)
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