This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
Neighborhood of Sulley Junction
Known groups in this Neighborhood:

No group currently claims, Suburb is mostly abandoned

Buildings of interest in Sulley Junction:
Fort: N/A
Mall: Mignola Mall (17,26),(18,26),(17,27),(18,27)
Hospitals:First Hope (14,26)
Morgan's Crest (16,30) St. Cullner (20,29)
PDs:Bell Corner PD (12,25)
Goardy PD (15,21) Iron Point PD (16,25)
Gun Shops:N/A
FDs:Huley Grove FD (18,23)
Others:Robert E. Lee Middle School (12,22),(13,22)
Revive Points in Sulley Junction:
Human Update

Warsaw Street (16,26)

Vampire Update

Boid Street (14,22)

Zombie Update

Sulley Junction InformationEdit

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The northern bit of Sulley Junction was part of Twilight City's historic Black Belt, a Black community straddling along the borders of many of the central neighborhoods from east to west.

Recent NewsEdit

March 2008Edit

  • Report anything notable here, a group setting up shop, or a battle. Keep the Revive Points up to date. Also, sign your name. --EVA-251 15:51, 17 March 2008 (MDT)
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