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Twilight Rapid Response and Operations Reactants(T.E.R.R.O.R.)[]

History TERROR was created and funded by a private corporation known as CioTECH, to serve as a security force based in central Twilight City in 2031. After serving its purpose skillfully for fifty years, TERROR was reconstructed into a privatized task force following the outbreaks in Twilight City to contain the infection and to remove evidence linking CioTECH to the outbreaks. Charged with this enormous task, TERROR has been deployed throughout the sector and is recruiting locally to reinforce its ranks.

Rules of Engagement 1. Humans are friendlies, they will not be fired at unless fired upon. 2. Undead/Vampires are threats and must be eliminated. 3. Assistance of fellow TERROR soldiers is mandatory.

Recruitment Link [1]