Daniel, Dan, and Danny. The three became active in Twilight City around the same time that the troubles began, and quickly immersed themselves in the struggle. Because of the chaos raging in the city, little is known about the trio. Their appearances are very similar, even across races, and they get along well together. But what would three normal brothers be doing in a place like this? And are their names all truly variations of the name Daniel? These questions are left unanswered. In the hell that is Twilight City, people simply need to be able to tell the brothers apart, and remember the various tweeks in their personalities.

If one is lucky enough to see the eldest, Daniel Seer, before he has gotten within range, they should fire immediately, for he will not show any mercy to them.

As long as one stays out of middle brother Dan Seer's way, they should be left alone. Unless he is in a bad mood.

The youngest, Danny Seer, seems to wish for peace with everyone. Approach him for healing, and it will be granted.

Daniel can often be found roaming with fellow vampires in the group known as Cleansed in Blood. Dan and Danny head Group Name, a loose grouping of a hundred some survivors.