Three Bad Dudes
Area of operations: Gravesend
Members: 4
Enemies: none
Allies: The Style Council
Group Type: Mixed
Base of operations: Southwest Gravesend
Membership: Open

We're three bad dudes with a dream rule supreme. We accept all players and races, we just want to have fun while kicking ass. If this sounds like your style of game play come and join already, dumb ass!


Word had spread about the Twilight City outbreak in Canada, upon hearing this former militia man/redneck Erich Hartmann decided to get together his friends, former yakuza gang leader Yune Tsun, and the grand philosopher, Megabacon3 (his parents were drunk when they named him). Together these three bad dudes headed down to the states and the Twilight City area. After a brief fling in Twilight City the three pals decided they would like a more relaxed, yet still apocalyptic and hellish local, perhaps become the law in the area, the close by farming town of Gravesend proved to be the perfect get away (into hell). Today the pals maintain a few hideouts, kick ass, eat beaver jerkey, drink maple syrup, eat moose burgers. They're so chill that even when turned into vamps and zeds they still hang out.


Our goals are to become the most feared/loved/most known group in gravesend, kick ass, and have fun while doing it.

Current MembersEdit

Erich HartmannEdit

Founder of the group and chief ass kicker, his job is to lead the other two on the hunt and kill stuff. His play style could be described as, "hit fast and hit hard".

Yune TsunEdit

Former yakuza leader, he is in charge of barricading, scoping out safe houses (to keep you out), set up bear traps, and generally...kick ass. He is also the groups main medic (because Erich is impatient with hospitals, seriously, fuck that shit).


He sits around, drinks, eats bacon, and is often the butt monkey of the group.

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