All right I'm putting all my crappy ideas her cause i cant seem to reg. for the forums to suggest them.

rock-paper-scissors = zombie-human-vampire(ghoul)
i say ghoul cause right i see vamps being to weak and to stupid(cant even dress themselves?) they are more like the hunter/tracker pets of what a vampire should be.

zombies get a new skill or something that makes it so that vamps cant drink there blood
vamps get a frenzy bonus for every time in a row they drink human blood, which could/would add to there claw damage
humans get a headshot skill, takes 2 ap to fire and does added damage or critical hit or something to a zombie.

a skill or something for vamps and zombies so they can see who has the least amount of hp(who's easy prey) /if not just see hp like humans or put the lowest hp human on top of their attack list.

  • edit: new ideas

zombie gets 'greater infection' humans that die after being bitten can not be revived right away they must stand as a zombie first, and also medkits only have a '50'% chance to cure it.(so now if a zombie gets in and starts killing ppl, they dont just get revive/dumped they actually join the undead ranks atleast for a bit.)

vamps: 3-4 new skills. 1.bloody frenzy(after successful bite attacks adds damage to next claw attack) 2.relentless grip(after successful claw add %chance on next bite attack) 3.feral fighting(automatically switches between bite and claws to make the best use of bloody frenzy and relentless grip) 4.add damage or hit chance if needing another boost...

layout/options/config game stuffEdit

when looking at your skills page are char. page, being able to see the different levels you have in each species would be nice, maybe make it tabbed so you can also buy skills for a zombie while your a human.

hp colorization(select in settings of when to color, like i would set it to color hp<32)

have your groups ppl listed in the dropdown for revives and such (that way you don't have to add them all as friends but you would know who to revive) also maybe even color the dropdown??? so enemies are listed as red and friends blue

revise the layout, give options for ppl to pick how they want ppl listed(im tired of being attacked first cause my name starts with and a): alpha, hp, friends/enemy's, last active, etc...

for group and char friends/enemy's lists: when you are looking at someone have it tell you if they have you as a friend/enemy without having to add them to see. so i could go into a group and they might not have my group as an enemy but i could look down there member list and see a little box next to the name with a check in it if they have me as an enemy/friend.

  • edit

a change to a the ap rate: if it is possible 10 ap every 45 minutes would be good, it would allow the vamps and zombies to 1.not have to stand up and start moving before they have full ap or 2. not lose 5-10 ap on the refresh.

it would also be interesting to mix up the way ppl log-in to fight, having z and v's attacking on off times when perhaps the h are not ready for them.

more clothing/itemsEdit

also the items could have an added 'use'() benefit added.

Full Body
 riot gear  		(protection)
 fastfood clerk
 clown suit
 chainmail  		(protection)
 platemail		(protection)
Outer Layer
 cloak/robe		(stealthy)
 lab coat
 *colored* t-shirt's
 silk shirt
 Bandolier		(ammo storage)
 camo vest		(item storage)
 leather pants
 bdu cargo pants	(item storage) 	
 gauntlets		(protection/grapple dam.)
 spiked bracers	        (grapple dam.)	
 penny loafers
 cowboy boots
 steeltoe boots	         grapple dam.)
 gas mask
 chainmail coif	        (protection)
 steel great helm	(protection)
 baseball cap
 nightvision goggles	(searching)

generator: feed it gas, get electricity
bicycle generator: spend ap to pedal, charge car batteries for taser
also who ever sets up a gen. gets and option to 'defend' it, so long as they stay in square they have to be killed before the gen. can be destroyed.

taser: no effect on zombies or vamps(ghouls) does non-lethal damage to humans.
katana: yes i know its stupid but its a must for any zombieness..and we allready have trenchcoats
broadsword, bastardsword, longsword: really any selection of swords.
polearm/poleaxe: now this is something the zombies should fear.
shotgun: i think theres allready a lot of ideas for a fix for this so...

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