Ernest Fairchild's metamorphosis into Evil Ernie* began years before the chaos in the city of Twilight when he manifested telepathic powers as a child. The ability to "hear" the thoughts of others and sometimes even affect others with his own mind scared and confused him, causing him to appear unusually withdrawn.

When the screams started Ernest got scared as the rest of the population, locked inside his house and pray for the madness to end; but like the rest of civilians it only made him an easy pray for the creatures of the night. A horde of zombies teared down his defenses and entered his haven.

In all the screams of his family been eaten by the undead his mind took control of his actions and instinctively took his fathers gun and wiped out all the threat. Unfortunately it was too late to rescue his parents. Naturally his sadness became tears coming from his eyes when he prayed for the rest of his beloved ones.

That love became a mixed of fear and hate when he watched the corpses in front of him rising and looking to gnaw their's teeth into his flesh. With nowhere to turn, Ernie went over the edge killing his parents and 35 survivors in his neighborhood before been captured by the military forces deployed on the area. Although it was too late, one bite in his arm was enough to transform him into an undead psychopath.

Ernest Fairchild died that day, but Evil Ernie lived! He quickly ate his captors and since that day he has been carrying a single thought in his mind: Megadeath.


Evil Ernie is a character created by Brian Pulido from an american comic with the same name published by Chaos! Comics in the 90's. This is a linkif you like more info.

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